Ryan Plowman Crestwood, IL Obituary – Ryan Plowman Cause of Death

On November 5, 2022, Ryan Plowman, the treasured son of Dan and Jen and beloved brother of Drew, was unexpectedly called home. He was 17 years old.

From the moment he was born on July 16th, his inner joy shined. Everyone loved him instantaneously. It was Ryan’s good attitude and likable personality that drew the multitude of family and friends to be by his side at Comer Children’s Hospital for a week as he courageously fought mononucleosis. Due to a compromised immune system related to a late diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, Ryan’s body couldn’t fight off several complications from the virus.

Ryan, in your short 17 years, you taught us more about life than most people can in an entire lifetime. You were so sweet, so kind, so humble. You always put family first. You never asked for anything. You always knew how to make everyone around you feel so special. And that smile.. what a smile.. especially when you beat your uncle at ping-pong!

You were THE BEST big cousin EVER! The leader of the pack. Never too ‘big’ to play kid games, always willing to be bossed around (mainly by Anna). You made everything fun. Anna and Aaron love you so much. So much.

We are beyond grateful for all the adventures we went on together. And there were SO MANY!! So many incredible memories of fun and laughter that we will forever hold in our hearts.


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