Ryan Waller Eye: Ryan Waller Eye In Arizona Murder Case, Is Ryan Waller Eye Dead or Still Alive

When the police arrived at Ryan Waller’s house, they discovered him next to Heather Quan’s body with a gunshot wound to the eye. Ryan, shot in the head, was shockingly still alive.

According to the police, Ryan’s father reported a case regarding his son not responding to him and phoned them. When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, they discovered Heather Quan dead and Ryan Waller with an eye wound.

But what transpired to Ryan and Heather? What is the background to the murder? Let’s talk about Ryan Waller’s eye and the case as a whole.

What happened to it, Ryan Waller Eye?

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, Ryan appeared to be the murderer. The police began questioning Ryan instead of taking him to the hospital because they believed Ryan had killed his girlfriend, Heather Quan.

Ryan stated that robbers shot him and Heather after breaking into their home. He continued, “The robbers fled since they assumed the couple was dead, but I managed to survive the gunfire.”

The authorities initially didn’t accept Ryan’s account since they couldn’t comprehend how he managed to survive the headshot, but eventually, they started to believe him.

Was Ryan Waller’s death due to the injury to his eye?

Ryan died as a result of the serious injuries he sustained in the incident. When the robbers shot him in the head, a piece of Waller’s skull was torn out, and the bullet also pierced his sinus, bone, and brain.

This made the meal slowly seep into his head. His parents would be his only source of support for the rest of his life and it was this memorable occasion that allowed him to see.

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Ryan used to get seizures as a result of his injuries, and at one time, the convulsions were so severe that Ryan lost consciousness and died.

Arizona Murder Case of Ryan Waller

Ryan’s family was devastated by their son’s passing. His tragic tale brought his case to the attention of the country. People began to criticize the police since they could have transported him to the hospital much earlier but chose to question him instead.

Ryan’s parents have not filed any lawsuits, according to reports. They did, however, discuss the specifics of his case in a video that was uploaded to YouTube.

The terrible passing of Ryan prompted Arizona to pass Heather’s law.

Murder Case involving Ryan Waller and Heather Quan?

In the past, Ryan and Heather shared a rental unit with a woman named Alexia. Ryan and his girlfriend were home alone on December 23, 2006, when Ritchie Carver and his father, Larry Carver, showed up.

After ringing the doorbell, they entered his home violently. Richie shot Ryan twice in the head and thought he was dead while Waller attempted to close the door.

Later, as Heather was sitting on the couch in a different area, the father-son shot and killed her. They murdered his girlfriend to avoid having any witnesses.

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