Terry Stubbs Obituary; McKees Rocks Icon Terry Stubbs Death – Cause of Death

Today, we failed. A son, brother, uncle, friend, and a legend of the Mckeesrocks. Terry Stubbs was one of the friendliest and most generous men you could ever meet. My uncle was unique in that he treasured his family dearly.

My favorite Stubbs story Terry was once picked up by my Pops and I at the bus station on our way to a Steelers game. He wore only uniform throughout! everything, including a helmet, pads, and mouthpiece! When my Pops asked him if he needed a ticket or assistance with one when we arrived at the stadium, he said, “Who is this guy?!” I was approximately ten years old when he sat in the backseat next to me and inquired, “Who is this guy?”

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No, I’m fine, and I appreciate the trip, he responded. My Pops was merely chuckling and shaking his head. After leaving the car in the garage, we arrived in the upper deck of the former Three Rivers Stadium about an hour later. I looked down at the sidelines where the men were warming up. What did I see? Terry Stubs and Gary Anderson are catching each other! My dad was unable to speak. I was in awe.


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