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One Wrong Step. .

Welcome to another live changing Drama for

Today titled “One Wrong Step”. Drama

writer/presenter: Mr Caleb Chinaza

One Wrong Step. . Stage 1.

Emeka was a young boy who love the things

of God, he believe in prayers and he never

toil with God, obeying God is the first thing in

his scale of preference. The young man was

so serious with God, he always woke up early in the mid-night to pray and cast

demons, many people address him as Pastor

Emeka. It happens that emeka rented a

house and was living in the house alone as a

bachelor, the landlord of the house was also

living with his family in that same compound. Emeka is a student of

“st. Micheal’s

pastors college” in Nigerian, he have this

vision to become a pastor after his

graduation from the college. . Stage 2.

Emeka’s landlord married for many years

with his lovely wife but was able to have

only a child, the child’s name is Susan, she

is a grown up girl, she is about 20 years. The

mother and the father loved her so much because she is their only

child, they give her

whatever she needs. Susan graduated from

secondary school but yet to secure an

admission to higher institution. She have

written so many exams but no admission

yet, so she normally stay in the house, maybe she will go out sometimes to visit

some of her friends after which she will

come back to the house. . stage 3.

Susan was a very nice girl, she is also a

beautiful girl and also educated. In that very

compound, everybody was living in peace

and harmony. Susan knew emeka as a young

pastor who love the things of God, she always greet him whenever she sees him,

although Susan is a beautiful girl but emeka

never had the time to look at her face or to

admire her beauty. . Stage 4.

One day something happened, it happens that

in the evening around 7pm, Susan was

looking for a place to charge her phone

because there was no electricity light that

very moment, Emeka have a generator and he turned it on that very

evening, it seems

that emaka was the only one that have light

in his house that very night. so Susan took

her charger and her phone to emeka’s

rooms. Susan: Please can you help me to

charge my phone? Emeka: Yes give it to me let me help you and charge

it. Susan: Is like

you are watching a movie? Emeka: Yes

Susan: what is the name of the movie?

Emeka: The wind of Glory. Susan: Please can i

come in, i want to watch the movie. . stage 5.

Emeka allowed Susan to come inside the

room and both of them were watching the

movie together, emeka have no chair in the

room but only a bed, so Susan sat on the bed

while emeka sat on the floor and both of them were watching the movie. They

watched the movie from 7pm to 9pm in the

evening, and before 11pm both of them slept

off, the generator also went off. It was

around 1:am, emeka was also lying on the

same bed with Susan, when he turned his body, he noticed that

something is beside

him, so he raised his hand to touch the thing,

his hand landed on Susan’s breast, her

breast was so soft in emeka’s hand, it was

then that he noticed that Susan slept in his

house. Many evil thoughts started flowing in emeka’s mind, he could

not remove his

hand from the breast. . stage 6,

Emeka’s hand was still on Susan’s breast,

so Susan woke up also, devil possessed the

two of them and they could not hold their

urge that very night. That was how emeka

had sex with Susan that night, after having sex with her, she quickly

went outside and

entered into their house. In the morning,

emeka was regretting his actions but nothing

he could do about it. After 3 months, it was

announced that Susan is pregnant, she said

that emeka is responsible for the pregnancy. emeka was just 24years

and Susan was 20

years, Susan’s parents forced emeka to

marry their daughter and both of them got

married. This was how the devil ended the

ministry and the vision of emaka becoming a

pastor, he dropped out of the pastoring school and now a married young man.

Everybody in the compound was surprised at

the incident because nobody believed emeka

will do such a thing. The devil have finally

succeeded in destroying the carrier of this

young man called emeka. Emeka and Susan later became food sellers,

Susan was cooking

the foods while emeka is the one serving the

food to customers.


This story is titled One Wrong Step because of

emeka, he allowed Susan to enter his room,

he should have collected the phone only and

when sussan requested that she should come

inside, he would have said no and tell her that he will give her the movie after

watching it. The first step was allowing her

to come inside the room. The second step

was allowing her to seat on his bed. The third

step was allowing the devil to use him. The

journey of a thousand steps started with a step, if the first step is

wrong, that means all

the remaining steps will be wrong also,

please learn how to resist the devil at the

first step of anything you are doing in life. . Prayer: I pray for as

many that have

participated in reading this drama today, the

devil will not change your destiny, and as for

you that have not discovered your destiny, i

pray after today, you shall discover it, may

your destiny connector locate you today and connect you to your

destiny. And for you that

the enemy have destroyed or changed your

destiny, i pray for you today, may God

restore your destiny and give you the grace

to archive it. Amen. Join me again next week Tuesday for

another live changing drama. visit my

website to see other

dramas that you have missed. Thanks for

reading. You are blessed.

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