The Agony Of A Lonely Heart

This is a true life story that was shared with me by a friend of mine

sometimes ago on one of my social media platform. So, I decided to

share it with everyone by giving it a title and puting it in episodes

for better understanding. This is a must read story for everyone.

Happy reading.

Life they say has its ups and downs, but with Juliet's life, she has

only seen sadness and grief.

She grew up in an orphanage and at the age of 17, she was adopted by

Rev. Johnson, a wealthy Pastor with a large congregation and branches

all over the nation.

Rev. had a beautiful wife and two sons – Ben and James who lived in

the United States.

Indeed, Juliet was really blessed with the gift of vision. This made

her foster parents more fond of her.

Rev. actually thought Juliet was a gift from God. He groomed her to be

very prayerful and spiritually strong.

Juliet was also blessed with real beauty. She had a dark skin tone

that was perfectly smooth. She led the prayer in her foster church, as

young as she was.

Unfortunately, Rev. Died…. and trouble began for Juliet.

His death remain a mystery has no one knew the cause. They were in

church and he was in the middle of a sermon when he suddenly had a

heart attack. He passed on before they could get him to the hospital.

Due to this tragedy, Rev. Johnson's sons who lived in the United

states came down to the country with their mother.

That was the boys' first time seeing Juliet. Like every christian

family, they embraced her as a sister.

However, a few months after Rev's death, an unusual incident occurred

at church that got people talking ill about Juliet.

Juliet met Mike who was with her at the orphanage before she got

adopted. They were both orphans and to Juliet, Mike was a brother.

Juliet was ecstatic to see him… she jumped and hugged him at the

entrance of the church, right in front of everyone, including her

foster mother and the two sons, Ben and James. She got even more

excited when she saw Mike has come down from his won car . Life had

smile well on Mike and he had done well for himself.

He had moved to town not too long ago and decided to visit a nearby

church not knowing that this was the same church Juliet and her foster

parent worshiped.

After the warm hug, they continued holding hands as they talked and

tried catching up on old times.

Their gestures however got pretty much the congregation talking. Most

people felt they were being inappropriate .

Mrs Johnson and James were no exception . James especially, being the

eldest son, got very upset about Juliet and Elvis.

"Mummy, who is that guy Juliet is talking to? "James asked his mother

while they all waited in their car for Juliet.

He was interrupted by Ben who felt James's question was out of order.

"Seriously, James, you are asking this question? Let the girl be! I

believe they know each other so it's fine" Ben said.

Ben immediately got down from the car and walked towards where Juliet

and Mike stood.

Meanwhile, Juliet had invited Mike for a prayer meeting later that

evening. Just as Mike accepted the invite, Ben joined them.

"Excuse me," Ben said. "Mum wants us to leave so I guess you guys need

to wrap up."

"Sure Ben. I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting. I totally lost track of time.

Anyway, meet Elvis, a long time friend of mine. Mike this is my

brother Ben" Juliet introduced both men as they shook hands.

Ben then walked Juliet to their car while Mike went back into the

church premises. That was when he realised that people were murmuring.

As soon as Juliet got into the car with Ben, her foster mum asked a

direct question

"Who was that guy you were talking to?" Mrs Johnson asked.

"Mum he's an old friend of mine,from an orphanage" Juliet answered.

"It doesn't look like that to me! Juliet, be very careful" Mrs.

Johnson cautioned in a very angry tone.

"I'm sorry mum, it wont happen again,"

Juliet sat as they headed home.

Ben thought his mother had over reacted and felt bad about it.

Later that evening, Mike showed up at the prayer meeting as he had

promised Juliet.

James was suppose to come take Juliet home and he was running late.

She tried severally to reach but his phone was switched off.

Mike then offered to drop Juliet off. She initially refused but as it

was getting late and it didn't look like she had much of an option,

she changed her mind and accepted the ride.

Mike drove off with her and soon they arrived at the main entrance of

Juliet's house.

Juliet gave Mike a goodbye hug and thanked him for his kind gesture.

Little did she know that her foster mother was watching them from her


From. Where she stood, it appeared by

Juliet and Mike were kissing….

Watch out for Episode 2

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