The Agony Of A Lonely Heart 2

From her view, it appeared that they were kissing.

Mrs Johnson was very furious… She turned and went to wait for her in

the living room.

Juliet and Mike parted ways after they exchanged hugs in a friendly

gesture. Juliet then quickly headed to the living room only to see her

foster Mum sitting on the sofa with an angry look.

Juliet: " Good evening Mum"

Mrs. Johnson: "So it has gotten to this! You have the guts to let him

drive you to my house!!!!

Juliet: " Mum, he only came to drop me off since it was getting late."

Mrs. Johnson: "Oh I see, since when did Mike start driving you home?

Wasn't that the responsibility of James?

Juliet: " Mum, yes it is. I tried reaching him all evening but his

phone was off.

Just as she was trying to explain herself, James arrived from nowhere.

James: "Whose phone was off? Liar!! Mum, I have been waiting for her

at the church premises for over an hour only to later realise she had

gone out with her so-called friend"

Juliet: "James, I did call you several times but….."

Mrs. Johnson: "Will you shut up!!!! Now, this should be your last

warning. I don't want to see you anywhere around that guy or you will

see the other side of me. Let me remind you of your place in this

family, don't forget where you came from."

Juliet: "Mum, I'm sorry" she said and began to sob.

Mrs. Johnson: "Hey, what did I just tell you? And stop all these "mum,

mum" thing you are doing. James and Ben are my sons and as far as am

concerned, I never carried you in my womb for 9 months. Get out of my

sight before I lose my temper!" Juliet ran into her room with tears in

her eyes.

"Can you imagine?! I need to discipline this girl before she brings

shame to this family" Mrs. Johnson said to her son James.

Juliet laid on her bed and cried all through the night. The only thing

she could think of to do was pray to God. Somehow, she felt that she

had done nothing wrong to make her foster mother so angry. The most

hurtful thing was when she reminded her that she's an orphan. Ever

since she was born, she had never set her eyes on her biological

parents. Whether they were alive or not, she had no idea. The only

people she knew was Mike and the rest of the orphans back at the

orphanage home. Ever since the Johnson family adopted her, she had

taken them as her own family and had fitted in perfectly until Rev.

Johnson passed away.

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