The Agony Of a lonely Heart 3

"I am coming over right away" Juliet said and hung up.

"What happened to Mike?" Ben asked.

"He has been involved in an accident and is currently admitted at the hospital.

Ben, I really have to go and see him" Juliet said.

"Mum won't allow you to go see him but I will help you out. Use the

back door and meet me at the grass yard, then we can go" Ben said.

"Thank you so much Ben, I appreciate it" Juliet replied.

Ben immediately left Juliet's room and went to find his elder brother

James. He told him what was happening because he trusted him.

"James, mum shouldn't know about this please… I'm accompanying Juliet

to the hospital to see a friend of hers, we will be back soon. Just

cover up for me", Ben pleaded.

"Sure, I will" James assured him. Ben unknowingly made a very big

mistake confiding in James. He didn't know his brother couldn't be

trusted when it came to issues that had to do with Juliet.

As soon as Juliet and Ben left, James headed straight for his mum's

room and knocked on her door. She was fast asleep but woke up at the

sound of James' persistent knocks. She quickly got up and went to open

the door for him. Meanwhile, Ben and Juliet arrived the hospital in no

time, but they were not allowed to see Mike. His condition seemed very

critical. He was said to be hanging between life and death and doctors

warned that if care was not taken, he could loose his life. Juliet

cried when she heard about Mike's critical condition. Ben stood there

and comforted her. Sister Grace from Church ran into them just then.

She was in the same church with the Johnson family. She was Head of

the church's ushering department. Apparently, she also came to visit

her sister who had just had a baby.

"Juliet, what are you doing here? Is everything alright" Grace asked

when she saw her.

"My sister, a friend of mine has been admitted here and he is in a

critical condition. We are not even allowed to see him." Juliet


"Oh my dear! It is well, with God all things are possible. This is the time you

should be praying instead of crying" Grace advised. "You're right my

sister" Juliet said. The three of them quickly said a word of prayer

together… "I believe God is in control now. I have to get going as

it's getting late. I will call you tomorrow morning to get an update"

Grace said and left. As soon as she left them, she took out her phone

and called Mrs Johnson who was impatiently waiting for Ben and Juliet

to return. "Hello, who is this?" Mrs Johnson said when she answered

the phone.

"Hello, Good evening. This is Sister Grace the Usher", she answered.

"Oh, nice to hear from you. I hope everything is alright?" Mrs.

Johnson asked.

"Yes madam, I was wondering if you were around… I just saw Ben and Juliet here"

"Around where? I'm home. Where did you see them? She asked. "At the

general hospital. I thought you were around was why I called, so I

could see you before leaving" Grace said.

"Oh no my dear, but you can come see me at the house tomorrow. Which

hospital did you say you saw them?"

Mrs. Johnson asked again. "General hospital madam" Grace confirmed.

"Thank you very much." Mrs Johnson said and hung up.

"My son, God works in mysterious ways… I have just gotten information

on which hospital they went to. I'm going there right away", Mrs

Johnson said to James.

"Mum, why not go and see Mike himself tomorrow morning? That'll be a

perfect time for you to confront him directly" James said. She thought

about it briefly and agreed "I guess you are right. I actually need to

get some sleep… You interrupted my beauty sleep when you came knocking

on my door." She said that and went back into her room to sleep.

Meanwhile, Ben and Juliet were already on their way home. They had no

option but to return home and go back to the hospital the following

morning since they were not allowed to see Mike. They got home to find

everyone asleep. "Ben, thank you very much for all you did for me

today," Juliet said.

"Don't worry sister, it's always a pleasure. What we need to do now is

to keep praying… Hopefully, we will have good news tomorrow. " Ben

said. They hugged each other and went to their separate rooms.

Juliet couldn't sleep that night, she prayed all night and fell asleep

around 3:00am. Mrs. Johnson and James woke up early that morning,

ahead of Juliet and Ben. They quickly got dressed and went the

hospital to see Mike. When they arrived, they were told Mike was

responding to treatment so they had the opportunity to see him. Mrs.

Johnson went into the ward alone leaving James behind at the OPD.

Mike was indeed lucky to have survived the accident. His head, arms

and legs were all covered in bandage. He could hardly move. Mrs

Johnson, however, overlooked all those details. She was just concerned

about her mission.

"Young man, how are you? She asked. "I'm feeling better, thank God"

Mike answered. "You better be. I believe youknow who I am? She asked.

"Yes Madam" Mike answered.

"Good. Now let me be quick. I want you to stay away from Juliet. I

don't want to see you anywhere near her again." She said.

"Madam" Mike said in pains. "I am in no mood for any negotiations, so

don't call me. Just be warned… You'll have yourself to blame if

anything happens" She said and left the ward. Mike didn't understand

what was going on. He was surprised to hear this from Mrs Johnson.

Within a few minutes, Mike was just motionless. This got the attention

of the nurses. They hurriedly called a Doctor to come to their aid. It

wasn't looking good, Mike was dying.

Ben and Juliet arrived just at that moment and they were asked to

wait. After about 45 minutes, the Doctor finally came out. Juliet

quickly rushed towards the doctor.

"Doctor, please how is he? She asked desperately.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

To be continued…..

Watch out for episode4…

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