The Agony Of A Lonely Heart 8

James was not fast enough… Nancy took in the scene and immediately

knew what he had been trying to do with Juliet. "So you are at it

again James! Nancy asked. Juliet woke up at the sound of her raised

voice. She didn't notice that her button was opened.

"What's going on?" Juliet asked. "Go to your room Juliet. Sorry for

disturbing you… We'll talk later." James said. Juliet didn't hesitate,

she got up and went into her room. "Who is she? Nancy asked looking

very furious. "That's my sister Nancy, calm down." James said. "And

why didn't you tell me you were coming here?" he asked.

"Must I tell you before coming to your house? Anyway, I'm here to

discuss something serious" Nancy said. "What is it? James asked.

"Well, I have missed my period." She said. "Meaning? James asked.

"James, I am 2 months pregnant" Nancy revealed, looking exasperated.

"Look, why do you always get yourself pregnant and get me involved all

the time. Deal with it girl!" James responded angrily.

"I suppose the Holy Spirit descended on me and got me pregnant, right?

Listen to me carefully, I am not ready for another abortion. You

better get ready to be a father or else the whole world will know

about this" Nancy cautioned him.

James found it funny. He said "Listen, you are going to get rid of

that baby, whether you like it or not"

"Oh really, watch me!" Nancy said and walked out on him. "Nancy,

Nancy, Hey Nancy! Come back here" James called but she completely

ignored him and went away.

James stood there lost in thought… He wondered what Nancy was up to.

She had never refused an abortion before.

Rev. Johnson died a wealthy man and he left a lot of property behind.

But somehow, the family's finances was fast dwindling.

Apparently, Mrs. Johnson had been spending a lot. She had already sold

two mansions from the property her husband left behind. As to what she

was spending her money on? That was a question without an answer.

Within just a few months, she had sold 3 cars and yet the return on

those sales didn't seem to be showing.

Ben became suspicious and wondered what his mother was doing with all

the money. As if that was not enough, monies were being taken out of

the church's coffers without any form of accountability. It was

obvious that Mrs.Johnson was behind this. The spending was becoming

too much and Ben decided to confront his mum. He asked her what was

really going on. The only answer she could come up with was that she

was making an investment which required a huge deposit. That was an

obvious lie.

One day, Ben found a N500,000 withdrawal on his mother's cheque book.

He knew then that his mother was up to something. He became very

determined to find out what was going on.

Meanwhile Juliet had a strange dream one night… She saw Rev. Johnson

standing on his grave, dressed in black suit with a white collar. He

was in tears. In the dream, he was trying to communicate with

Juliet…But she couldn't hear him well. All she could hear was "It

wasn't my time, it wasn't my time" Out of fear, Juliet woke up with

goosebumps all over her body. It was midnight and the house was

asleep. Everywhere was quiet. However, Juliet felt she was being

watched. She was overshadowed by fear and began shivering.

Coincidentally, she felt nauseous… Much as she tried to ignore it, she

couldn't wave off the feelings.

Soon, she was running to the washroom to throw up. At that instant,

Juliet suspected she was pregnant.

What happened next?

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