Top 10 Places on earth with the purest tap water

Most of us take clean water for granted. We think nothing of filling a glass full of water from the tap and drinking it down, but as anyone who has travelled will know, there are many countries in which you advised to keep mouth closed in the shower, let alone think about drinking the tap water! Even so, the quality of tap water still does vary from country to country, even in those countries where it is said to be safe to drink the water. If you have ever wondered if your tap water is as pure as it could be, then see if where you live is on this list of countries that have some of the cleanest tap water in the world.
1. Canada
Canada takes great pride in how it takes care of its natural environment and resources and that can be said of its water supplies too. One of the reasons that Canadian water is so pure is the simple size of the country. Canada is the second largest country in the world and they also have some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world to draw their clean water from.
2. Singapore
It might come as a surprise to some people to find Singapore in this list, but Singapore exceeds the World Health Organisation’s drinking water standards. Even though Singapore’s tap water is exceedingly clean and perfectly safe to drink, much of the population still boil their water before they drink it, because it wasn’t so long ago that the water was unsafe to drink straight from the tap.
3. Finland
In Finland, the tap water is so pure that, when a blind taste test was carried out in the Katajanokka district of Helsinki, people said that the tap water tasted better than bottled water. The reason for this could have been that the drinking water in the region is extracted deep down in a lake and then undergoes six different purification processes before it reaches the tap.
4. Sweden
The residents of Sweden get all their drinking water for free and, even they don’t pay a penny for it, it still ranked the fourth purest drinking water in the world. The water is so pure, because the country uses the latest, state of the art, filtration techniques that eliminate virtually all bacteria from the water.
5. Luxemburg
A lot of Luxemburg’s tap water originates from underground springs and its water supplies are ranked the third purest in the world. The water from the springs is cleaner than most other sources, but then it goes on to be treated in highly sophisticated treatment plants too.
6. Germany
Germany is another country where people can’t tell the difference between tap water and expensive bottled water. Oddly, though, despite the fact that Germany’s tap water is amongst the purest in the world, many residents of the country still prefer to drink carbonated bottled water and restaurants would never dream of serving tap water to customers.
7. Austria
Whereas in many countries, you would have to pay over the odds to drink mountain spring water, in Austria, that is exactly what they have coming out of their taps. They collect the crystal clear water running off the Alps and then it passes through a filtration process to clean it still further. The capital city of Vienna is said to have some the best drinking water in the world.
8. Denmark
Unlike most countries in the world, Denmark gets all of its water from deep underground. The water is constantly monitored for its purity, but a lot of it is so clean naturally, that it doesn’t even need to go through a filtration process before it reaches people’s homes. In Demark, they are proud of the fact that restaurants serve tap water to their customers.
9. Norway
In Norway, the tap water is so pure that they bottle it and sell it to the Americans! Apparently its’s true; a Norwegian TV station once reported that one of Norwegian brands of bottled water is nothing than water taken from the municipal water supply. If you were wondering where America sits in the league table of clean water, it’s nowhere near as high as you might have thought. American tap water is usually ranked in about 35 th place, which might explain why they import tap water from Norway.
10. Switzerland
Switzerland is another country that is lucky enough to be able to get most of its water from mountain springs and it consistently rates at the top of the list of countries with clean tap water. Switzerland’s water is so pure that it is actually rated as being the cleanest drinking water on earth.

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