Who is Abi Ventura? TJ Osborne’s Boyfriend Love Triangle, Birthday Post And Biography

TJ Osborne and Abi Ventura have been dating since he came out as gay. He has been signed to a big label as the first Queer country musician.

American country music performer and songwriter Thomas “TJ” Osborne. Together with his brother John, he makes up one half of the duo Brothers Osborne. “Pawn Shop” and “Port Saint Joe,” the brothers’ two studio albums, were both released.

Additionally, they have eight singles that have reached the charts for Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay on Billboard, including the number-one song “Stay a Little Longer.”

In Deale, Maryland, on December 2, 1985, Thomas “TJ” Osborne was born. At the age of 14, he picked up the guitar and quickly started penning his own tunes.

Brothers Osborne was founded by TJ and John in 2013, and their debut album, Pawn Shop, was made available in 2016. The album features the top-ten country airplay-charting singles “It Ain’t My Fault,” “21 Summer,” and “Stay a Little Longer.”

For their song “It Ain’t My Fault,” the Brothers Osborne won the Grammy Award in 2018 for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

Who Is Abi Ventura, T.J Osborne’s Boyfriend?

Abi Ventura attended the Tennessee College of Applied Technology to study administrative office technology after graduating from Maplewood Comp High School. A mirror selfie that the pair shared on Osborne’s Instagram account served as their debut public image.

Osborne has played a significant role in the LGBTQ community as the first out homosexual country musician to be signed to a major country label. His friendship with Ventura serves to dismantle barriers and demonstrates the fact that love knows no bounds.

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Osborne has already made hints in a number of interviews about his friendship with musician John Rich.

Osborne stated that he and Rich had been friends for a long time and that their friendship was “bigger than business” in an interview with the country music website Taste of Country in 2018. He added that despite being aware of the rumors around his sexuality, he did not feel compelled to publicly address them.

In a Billboard interview in 2019, Osborne revealed even more about his connection with Rich, claiming that they were “Madly in love.” Some have speculated that Osborne wasn’t ready to come out before Abi Ventura because he hasn’t previously officially declared his sexuality.

Since openly coming out as homosexual a year ago, T.J. Osborne has made history by being the first queer musician signed to a significant country label.

The country singer spoke about his experiences, his concerns, and how crucial it was for him to be true to what he feels and is comfortable with in an interview with Sam Lansky for TIME magazine.

T.J and Abi Ventura shared an offstage happy kiss after the Brothers Osborne won their fourth Vocal Duo of the Year award at the 55th annual CMA Awards in November.

T.J.’s public coming-out was a significant turning point for the country music industry’s acceptance of LGBT people, and his ongoing success as a performer is evidence of his skill and sincerity.


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