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Those Who Support Peter Obi Are Wasting Their Money; He Is Cursed, Stingy, And Unable To Lead Nigeria – Father Mbaka

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a controversial Enugu Catholic priest, has suggested that individuals who support Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi are squandering their money.

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In a message delivered at his Adoration Ministry in Enugu State, he said.

Obi is a stingy man who is unconcerned about the plight of those around him, according to the cleric.

He also said that the former governor of Anambra State is cursed and that unless he comes to apologize to him, he will never be elected President of Nigeria.

“A stingy man, who cannot give people his money, with this hunger destroying the land, and you are saying he is the one you want,” he said, according to the Daily Post. Do you want to starve to death? Do you think you’re crazy? What happened to the Holy Spirit?

“Is it now that Atiku is seriously considering running for President; is it now that he is running without Peter Obi; is it now that he is truly considering running for President?” We’re looking for someone who is serious about their work. If Peter does not come here to kneel, he will shut down this ministry if he becomes President. What we’re doing is spiritual in nature.

“Listen, a nice old guy is preferable than a young evil man; Peter Obi is doomed as far as God is concerned.” If the Igbos want someone to represent them, it is not Peter Obi.

“I shouldn’t have spoken up, but I saw my video going viral as if Fr. Mbaka had come out of the woodwork and apologized wholeheartedly.” No, I didn’t apologize completely since I was under stress. I had no choice but to obey my Bishop, and I did so out of obligation. I did it because I am a Catholic Priest, and my Bishop encouraged me to do so; my own response is “Yes, my Lord.”

“I didn’t say he’s a nasty guy; I said he’s stingy.” A hungry man desires a generous person; the man has a lot of money, but he is ‘I, me, myself.’ However, that money will be useless to him. Now that I’ve spoken up, I’m overjoyed. That apology is a lethal curse for Peter Obi.

“If he were sensible, he would have been here after that apology to apologize, but he chose to wait.” Anyone who backs him is squandering their money since he isn’t going anywhere.

“He is a friend of mine.” He knew the role I played in bringing him back when he was chased out of Government House, but how did he repay me? We went to night meetings to bring him back, and we asked him, Eselu Uga, and Archbishop Anikwenwa, and they all knew where and how we did it, and he was brought back.

“Ask Peter what he used to reward Adoration since then.” Tell Peter Obi to come and ask for forgiveness if you like him. Allow him to come back and redo what he’s done. He blasphemed God’s altar; he soiled God’s altar, the Holy Spirit’s altar.

“After that apology, I called Atiku in Dubai and told him that there is a revelation about your presidential race; that you are going to be the President of Nigeria on one condition: Peter Obi will not be your running mate.” If you want to be President, replace Peter Obi. He has a curse on himself, which means he is carrying a curse.

“Atiku replied that I couldn’t, that Peter had to be my running buddy, and that we had to win.” You were present when it occurred. Atiku hasn’t died yet. That is why I stated that Atiku is currently planning to run for President.

“God has shown that you, like Jonathan, will win this election, but only on one condition: Jega must be replaced.” You will defeat Buhari if you replace Jega, but if you do not, Buhari will defeat you. ‘Fr.,’ Goodluck said. We will still win if I do not remove Jega.’ He tried to hold on to Jega but failed.”


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