Princess And Iyabo Ojo In Trouble Over Baba Ijesha Case | A Must Read

Princess And Iyabo Ojo In Trouble Over Baba Ijesha Case | A Must Read

Over the trending Baba Ijesha sexual molestation case.

According to Nifemi Oladipupo….


He said, they must arraign him in court .

Princess and iyabo ojo are in trouble ….

The lady was 17 years old +7 years making 24 years old and she was pregnant for baba ijesha and they aborted the pregnancy and baba ijesha and princess were dating before baba ijesha played two cards on them.

Now, they are looking for the parent of the lady to come out…. I am enjoying all information from a reliable source..

They beat the lady and the picture is out too simply because she was pregnant for baba Ijesha.

Now, they are searching for birth certificate and the parent of the lady…

I am laughing here. The editor of the video has been arrested to present the full video.

He raped and defiled her seven years ago with car key but with no blood stain on her pant and she can walked freely and majestically.( CAR KEY)

Baba ijesha, have a closed relationship with the lady in fact,they were seeing before the day.. From the video, you can see baba Ijesha was asking the lady why she was feeling strange to him?.

Again, he said, it is devil work and he said, yinka mabinu that ( i dated you and dated a lady under you) . she didn’t mention him seven years ago but she mentioned him just of recent while watching home video with princess.( OVER COOKED STORY)

Now,they are exposing secrets behind Yoruba actors and actresses … Lepa shady and Koran cases are coming out differently.

They are asking for the teachers of the girl.

Birth certificate of the game.

Medically, they will test the bone of the girl to detect the real age.

The parent of the lady.

They will also confirm uterus test if she has been pregnant before or not..

There is no way you can defile a lady with car key without brushes or blood, the edge of the car key is iron .

I Nifemi Oladipupo Yusuff Vibrant wants to ask princess and iyabo ojo, a question on type of hymen that lady had before being defiled?.

Why no blood after being defiled ?

Who washed her pants ?

Now, medical tests on the run.. I am laughing here. Now,some lawyers are coming up to show their talents on the case. Baba Ijesha, the smart man of the game now refused to be set free.


Source: Plentyvibe

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