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Jamal Crawford Officially Says Goodbye To The Game Of Basketball

Crawford made the decision after turning 42 years old.

Jamal Crawford Officially Says Goodbye To The Game Of Basketball
Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Jamal Crawford was easily one of the most liked and adored players when he was in the NBA. While he wasn’t a superstar, he was a walking bucket and many felt like he was severely underappreciated during his time in the league. His last game in the league took place back in 2020 as he was playing for the Nets, and since that time, he has been chilling at home, waiting on his next move.

Well, yesterday, Crawford celebrated his 42nd birthday, and soon after the celebrations died down, he decided to take to Twitter with a message for his fans. Essentially, Crawford is officially done with the game of basketball, and now, he will spend the rest of his time with his family.

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“Goodbye to the game, all the spoils the adrenaline rush,” he wrote. “Thank you basketball, I owe you everything.” As you can imagine, fans were extremely supportive of the decisions, and they reacted with their favorite highlights of the star, all while congratulating him on a phenomenal career that will forever be remembered by real basketball fans.

We wish Crawford a fantastic retirement filled with new adventures and endeavors. In the meantime, you can check out some highlights from Crawford, down below.


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