Jusuf Nurkic Chucks Fans Phone During Courtside Standoff

Jusuf Nurkic was not playing around.

Jusuf Nurkic Chucks Fans Phone During Courtside Standoff

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Basketball is an interesting sport when it comes to the fans as it is one of the few athletic competitions that allows viewers to sit courtside. The fans are just as active in the game as the players are,Β and it can lead to some pretty fiery interactions. Ever since fans were allowed back following the pandemic, they have largely been out of pocket, and it has led to some pretty bleak exchanges.

This was the case in Indiana on Sunday night as the Pacers absolutely rocked the Trail Blazers by over 30 points. The Pacers faithful were pretty excited about the win, and they wouldn’t let the Blazers players live it down.
As you can see in the clip below, one fan tried to get in the face of Jusuf Nurkic, and he even had his phone in his hand. That’s when Nurkic decided he had had enough, and chucked the phone into the crowd. The fan was absolutely stunned, and before things could get any worse, security came in and split the two up as Nurkic calmly walked right back to his locker room.

This should be a warning to all of the fans out there. If you play stupid games, you absolutely will end up winning stupid prizes.


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