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Black Sparta – Episode One
I saw myself in an island plagued by something good, serenity was one, tall coconut trees, cool sand and a sea of wild flowers.

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I loved islands, beaches, anything that was near water as I was a lover of the aquatic.

‘Hello darling’ I could sense his presence.
‘Hi….you’? I raised my brows, I recognized this man, I’d seen him many times.

‘You like flowers eh’? he offered me a smile, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His lips parted and showcase a nice set of teeth, his lips were pink and

lush and his dimples were heaven.

‘Yes I do’ I replied shyly.

‘Good’ he plucked a bush rose and neared me, I stepped backward, I’d seen him many times but I’d never gone close to him.

‘What are you doing’? I was afraid.

‘You are so beautiful Som, you deserve this, you deserve to be happy’ he placed the flower on my head and kissed me without my permission.

‘Stop’ I struggled against him but the sweetness of his mouth on mine broke my defence and I found myself yearning for more.
‘Wake up sleepy head or you’ll be late for lecture’ I could feel her slender fingers on me.

‘Wake up Chisom or you’ll be late, you know how important this course is to you’ my mother shook me again.

‘Mum! I’ve heard you’ I groaned and caressed my lips lightly, that was where he’d kissed, I couldn’t believe it.

‘Good, now take a shower and prepare, I have a meeting at work, so I am leaving early. I made you some toast, a glass of milk awaits you in the refrigerator, take care

honey and always remember that mummy loves you’ She kissed my head.

‘I love you too mummy’ I smiled as I watched her leave.

‘Mums’ I smiled again.
My name is Chisom Premium, I lost my dad when I was fourteen years old now I am twenty three. His death was a very tragic one, I didn’t even get to see his body

because it was mauled mercilessly by a wild animal, according to my mum.

Growing up with an only parent wasn’t easy, I knew my parents were so much in love and I knew mum missed him though she would not remarry.

She took real good care of me and I never lacked anything. My life was what every girl dreamed of, the only thing that ruined it was my boyfriend, Mark.

‘Call back later Oma, I’m in the bathroom’ my phone rang and I picked it up, I couldn’t stay long on the line, I was almost late for class.

‘Alright girl, I kept a sit for you, guess what? There’s this hot new girl in our class and it seems Mark is all over her’ Oma shared, but it pissed me off.

‘Could we talk about this later’? I threw my phone angrily on the bed as she spoilt my mood. I had woken up happy, I kissed some random guy I kept seeing in my dream,

mum made me breakfast and now this? Why would she tell me about Mark’s flirtatious gesture toward another girl?

I was in a complicated relationship, I loved Mark with all my life though he treated me badly, I couldn’t leave him, he meant everything to me.

We were both in the same school, School of Arts, Langoon, a tertiary institution whose major focus was on the arts, I majored in Literature. I yearned to be a writer,

I hoped to win a nobel prize someday.

‘Alright toast, I’m eating you all the way up’ I grabbed the toast and the glass of milk and shoved my bag into my car.

Thankfully, we lived in another part of town, Lagos state had been divided and the region we lived in was renamed ‘Langoon’ so I had no fear of traffic.

‘I will be fine, I will not let Mark’s ways get to me, I would be fine’ I drummed the steering as I spoke to myself.
I noticed something as I passed the streets, people were not much and cars too, I looked around nervously and wondered if everything was alright.

I increased my speed as I saw a group of people gathered round a corpse, what was my mother’s car doing here? she was supposed to be at the meeting, I brought the car

to a halt and stepped out.

‘Why would someone kill an innocent person? This is clearly murder’ I heard a woman speak and my heart raced.

‘No, No, this isn’t happening, mum?’ I rushed and shook her with all the strength in me as blood gushed out from her belly.

‘She is dead, call the ambulance’ another person said.

‘No, my mum isn’t’t dead’ I cried and hugged her tightly. I noticed the murderer had stuck a stick into her belly, but why? Why? Would they do something so mean?
Target one down, good job Bro’ Anne typed swiftly on her keyboard, word travelled fast in the era of the INTERNET.

‘Target down? Which of them’? he typed back.

‘The Premium’ Anne replied.

‘Wait a minute let me check my list’

‘I didn’t kill her’ he replied sharply.

‘What? Then who did’? Anne asked.

‘Maybe our crazy little sister’ he replied.
‘Hello sweetheart, welcome to Langoon, you seem new here, never seen such a pretty face around here’Mark warmed up to the new girl in their class.

‘Hello…’ Anne quickly closed her phone and smiled at the intruder, this one was an overconfident prick, she decided.

‘Hello, so are you new here’? Mark was carried away by her beauty. The new girl was tall, slender and fair skinned.

She was the most elegant woman he’d ever set his human eyes on, she looked different, something about her interested him the more, more than his boring girlfriend


‘You can say that again, now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to complete my registration’ Anne rose to her feet and walked away.
She and her family had returned to Langoon for a purpose, and no one would stand in their way.

‘I see you’re finding yourself a new pet’ Oma sneered as she watched the new girl leave.

‘What the hell do you want? Do you stalk me now’? Mark scoffed.

‘Really? I don’t really understand it, what does Som see in you? What thrills her about you? You’re such a dick’ Oma hissed loudly.

Mark was the hottest boy on campus. He came from a very rich home, Barrister Idemudia was a renown man in Langoon, that also got into his son’s head.

Mark was a six footer, with the body of a Greek god. A caramel and well tanned complexion, Seductive eyes, a sharp nose and lips that could lure any woman into his

bed, so he was candy to many and her friend had fallen stupidly for his charms.

‘Why do I have a feeling you want me too? Huh? Come on, go ahead, no girl can resist me’ he began to pull at his shirt.

‘Yo man, button up, there’s fire on the mountain’ Aka rushed up to Mark, they were best of friends.

‘Fire? What fire? Are in the burning bush’? Mark rolled his eyes.

‘Haven’t you heard’? Aka was surprised.

‘Oh, the new girl? I don’t even know her name, but I swear, she’s getting laid by me’ Mark bragged.

‘Don’t be stupid man, your girlfriend just lost her mother to some weird killers’ Aka broke the news.

‘Yes, they found Mrs Premium’s body along a street, she was stabbed in the belly with a piece of wood, that’s why I came, so we could all go to the hospital and be

with Som, she really needs us now more than ever’ Oma said.

‘Us? Please when you see her, tell her our relationship is over. Now, I have to chase the new girl’ Mark hissed loudly and walked away.

‘Why is he like that? I can’t believe that just happened’ Oma knew her friend would feel horrible.

‘I don’t know, let’ s go see Som’ Aka urged her on.

end of Black Sparta – Episode One


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