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Black Sparta – Episode Two


The first families to have settled in Langoon sat at the round table, there were four families in number, each was well represented.

These four families knew the secrets that lurked in the city of Langoon, even before the Nigerian government separated that part of town from Lagos, they knew the shadows that lurked in darkness and this knowledge was their bond.

‘I welcome you all to my humble abode, please make yourself comfortable, there’s tea and wine, we would be here for a long time’ Barrister Idemudia addressed his guests.

‘Cut the chase Idemudia, you know why we are here, they are back in town, I can feel it, remember I have the gift too’? Lady Anthony rose to her feet.

She was a witch in charge of all Langoon covens and the return of those vile creatures did not sit well with her, if they had returned, it meant doom for them all.
‘Lady Anthony, patience is a virtue, it is true you have the gift, prophecy, trance, vision and dreams, but we also have others that are more powerful than you are’ Idemudia snapped his fingers and an old woman stepped out from the shadows to the amazement of all present.

‘Who is she? And why is she at our meeting’? Mr Doro who represented the Doro family asked.

‘You’re really stepping out of line Idemudia, there’re only four families that know about this meeting, our great grand fathers started this and passed this tradition to us, why do you bring a stranger here? and why is Ngozi Premium not present’? the witch asked.

Ngozi Premium was the representative of the fourth family.

‘That’s because she is dead’ the strange old woman said.

‘Dead? What do you mean dead?’ Madam Anthony asked in shock.

‘I killed her’ the strange woman replied.

‘I hope you’re kidding, because I am about calling the police and it’s going to get dirty’ Madam Anthony quickly fetched her phone.

‘Wait, just hear her out’ Idemudia urged them all.

‘I am Crystal’ the old woman unveiled the cloak that covered her face and slowly, her wrinkles disappeared, her ugly skin transformed itself into something glowing and ravishing.

‘What magic is this! She’s an immortal, a Grisna! This isn’t’t possible’ Mr Doro rose to his feet.

‘Yes, Barrister, this isn’t’t possible, in all my years and practice of witchcraft, I only read about Grisnas, men and women who were immortal and could transform into babies, old women or even men in magic books. This is an illusion, I refuse to believe it’ Madam Anthony sided with Mr Doro.

‘Well, this illusion is real. I grew up in this town now called Langoon, it shares boundary with Benin Republic, Porto novo, this was where my parents were captured and taken as slaves to the Western world.

So much magic especially voodoo and blood magic was practiced here and that gave rise to many creatures other than humans. Vampires were one, Werewolves, Witches and Grisnas, though my kind was rare, I am the last living of this bloodline’ Crystal explained.

She’d turned from an old woman to a young girl in her twenties.

‘I can’t believe this, so why are you here? do you want to bewitch us?’ Mr Doro asked because in the folklores, Grisnas and vampires had the power to compel people to do their bidding.

A vampire could do it by just looking into your eyes while a Grisna would only call your name and capture your mind.

‘I knew your great grandparents, it was my idea they gathered like this in secret to checkmate the activities going on in our society’ Crystal wore a neutral expression.

‘Do you mind sparing us the details and why did you kill Ngozi Premium? I have not forgotten that’ Madam Anthony was suspicious of this woman.

‘Tell them Idemudia, tell them the visions I shared with you’ Crystal signaled the barrister.

‘Well, months ago, on my way to work, I saw crystal, but she was a beggar, and I gave her some money, that was how we met and she introduced herself and shared her visions with me.

Ngozi Premium and her daughter, Chisom Premium are dangerous to our well being and the peace of Langoon, they have to be killed’ Idemudia explained.

‘Killed? You don’t just wake up and say you want to kill someone’ Doro smirked.

‘Why would you even believe a Grisna? They’re treacherous’ said Madam Anthony.

‘Watch it witch, I have endured your insults long enough’ fire flashed in Crystal’s eyes.

‘Do your worst’ Madam Anthony hissed.

‘I have seen the visions too. Ngozi Premium and her daughter are cursed, they would attract more vampires to this town if they aren’t killed and you know what that means.

No matter how powerful we are, vampires would conquer us and take over our city and we wouldn’t want that’ Idemudia explained.

‘Cursed? Who cursed them? And why are you two the only one seeing this visions’ Doro asked.

‘I was about asking that’ Madam Anthony chipped in.

‘Because the spirits are willing to show us alone. In 1717 when slave trading was at its peak, Doka Premium, who was a well known Slave trader buried a slave girl alive, her name was Amna, a witch by birth and marking, she cursed his female bloodline and vowed they’d always attract evil.

Doka Premium was the first ancestor of the Premium family’ Crystal explained.

‘Okay, let’s assume this is true and the curse has somehow started manifesting, why did you kill her? You should’ve checked in with us first’ Madam Anthony complained.

‘No, if I did, you’d dissuaded me, Ngozi premium is dead, her daughter would follow next. Already three vampires and in town, we have to kill them and Chisom’ Crystal said.

‘What vampires? Vampires cannot step into Lagoon, we haven’t seen one since they were banished by magic, so what are you talking about’? Doro asked .

‘Chisom Premium is evil, she has magic in her and it works against good magic, she is possessed with dark magic. I believe the spell was broken because one or all of the vampires must have made contact with her in her dreams.

Once another magical creature touches her, their magic is completely destroyed’ Crystal explained and the room fell silent.

‘We all have powers in this room, Doro and Madam Anthony are witches, I come from a bloodline of wolves and Madam Crystal here is a Grisna, if Chisom isn’t killed, she’ll destroy our powers’ Idemudia explained.
‘Oh no, this isn’t’t happening’ Madam Anthony groaned as the vision faded.

‘What is it’? Crystal asked.

‘I just saw a vision, of blood, of tears and of fire, all of us in this room were murdered by Chisom Premium’ Madam Anthony replied.

‘So what do we do? How do we take out this girl’? Doro was afraid to die.

‘First we get her to trust us’ Crystal smiled mischievously.

end of Black Sparta – Episode Two

Author: Orimisan Temidayo

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