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Can We Think Together ‘’Bisola The Innocent Girl”




Bisola, a girl of 16 years old,who lived with her grandma,in a village called Zanzi, both her parent died in a car accident when she was 10.
She lived with her 89year old grandma who as been her support system even since her parent died.


She went to the garden about two miles away from where they lived to get her grandma some herbs as usual, She got to the garden, picked the herbs as usual so her grandma can use before day break.

On her way back home , unfortunately two hoodlums with no shirts on who were smoking at the garden approached her,the innocent girl that she was, she was tensed, it was obvious she was afraid.

They both smiled at each other (the hoodlums) and one of them Alex rushed towards her violently, She wanted to run but it was too late for the poor innocent girl, she started shouting but with a thunderous slap,he silenced her .

She became weak while struggling to escape the hands of the hoodlums,she couldn’t feel her mouth, he collected the chain from his friend, while they tied her hands and legs.

While he other look around to confirm if nobody is around, they took her more further into the thick bush to untied her, she couldn’t shout any longer, while she struggled, they overpowered her and took several turns on her 🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀,the poor girl 😭😭😭.

They took away her innocence, her pride.

The hoodlums fortunately were caught red handed by a soldier who’s name is Officer Bala, he wanted to ease himself while he caught them with the act of raping the innocent girl,

they were apprehended and was charged to face the Law,never to be free ,

Bisola couldn’t think straight anymore all she had in mind was to commit suicide because all the people in the society had about the rape case, she wanted to commit suicide but she decided not to pay her grandma back with such,she became a survivor because she Lived through it….

MORALS: Nothing in life worth your life, you are a unique being, No matter what comes your ways, suicide is never an option be like Bisola a survivor of rape case
Thanks God bless y’all for your time
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📷: @1705studios
Bisola: Regina
Alex: Brown @christopher_lloyd_brown
Alex friend: Olasunkanmi @popson_jnr
Soldier: Obablunt @obablunt
Grandma: anonymous

Say No to Rape ❌
Say no to immoral acts

Author: Orimisan Temidayo

TemmyGuru is a Blogger, Physicist, Digital marketer, Promoter, Artiste Manager, an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. If you have any suggestion, complaint or Advert. Feel free to contact him on Whatsapp: +2348095057852 , Call Only: +2348141250277
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