4 Reasons to Upgrade to The iPhone 14, And 2 Reasons Not to

4 Reasons to Upgrade to The iPhone 14, And 2 Reasons Not to

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The iPhone 14 is finally here. It may appear evolutionary in comparison to last year’s iPhone 13, but it is a good upgrade for the majority of people. Owners of the iPhone 8 or iPhone XR may want to consider upgrading to the iPhone 14 because it will likely provide a better performance, improved cameras, a longer battery life, and 5G support. There are numerous reasons to consider upgrading to the iPhone 14. And, as is frequently the case, there are a few reasons not to purchase the new iPhone 14.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the iPhone 14, here are four reasons why you should and two reasons why you shouldn’t.

The better camera

Certainly, the Pro models have a hardware advantage over the standard iPhone 14 models thanks to the extra telephoto lens. Still, the iPhone 14 with two rear cameras (a main wide angle and an ultrawide camera) produces perfectly fine photos. Compared to the iPhone 13, the 14’s main camera has a larger sensor and a new lens with a faster f1.5 aperture. And combine that with the new  Photonic Engine, the iPhone 14 is capable of taking improved pictures, especially in the pitch dark. In our tests, the iPhone 14 takes better shots in low light conditions. Video quality is excellent in bright light, but under dimmer conditions, the details look muddy. Cinematic mode got an upgrade and it can now record 4K video at 24 fps. Previously, you could only shoot in FHD at 30 fps. Then there is also a new mode for video image stability called “Action mode”. Essentially, it gives Gimbal-like stabilization when you are recording a video.

Easy to repair

On the outside, the iPhone 14 may look like the iPhone 13 but there is one big difference between the two devices that nobody is talking about: easy repairability. Apple has redesigned the internal structure of the iPhone 14, allowing users to remove and replace the device’s glass back panel. This is not only a big win for the “right to repair” but it also shows that it is possible to make devices that have a more repairable design. The high-end iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max don’t use the more repairable design seen on the regular iPhone 14, according to repair advocate and tool vendor iFixit. Experts say the iPhone 14’s design, even though it looks the same as many iPhones in the past, is a step in the right direction and will make repairs easy and cheaper.

Crash detection in automobiles

Another significant upgrade for the iPhone 14 is the addition of a brand new feature called “Crash Detection,” which will not be available on previous generations of iPhones. Car Crash Detection, which will also be available on the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2, detects impacts using sensors and algorithms running on the device and will automatically connect the person wearing it to emergency services if they do not respond. The wearer’s location will then be transmitted to emergency responders and contacts.

The front-facing camera

This is fantastic. The iPhone 14’s front-facing camera is getting an upgrade, which is a big deal. The 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera now has autofocus and a faster f1.9 lens. As a result, the front-facing camera now focuses on the person in front of it, resulting in better, sharper selfies. When taking group selfies, Selfie AF comes in handy as well.


Two reasons why you should not upgrade to the iPhone 14

The experience has not changed.

If you’ve used an iPhone 13, you won’t notice any differences in the iPhone 14. The differences are subtle, centered on the improved camera system. The A15 Bionic chipset powers both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14. That is a proven fact. They share the same design and aesthetics, the notch, and even the software that runs on the devices. Because of redesigned interiors, the iPhone 14’s battery life will be slightly longer than that of the iPhone 13. Except for a few minor differences, the iPhone 14 is identical to the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 Pro is getting big upgrades

One big reason for not buying the iPhone 14 is the iPhone 14 Pro. Although it would be unfair to compare the two phones, the truth is that Apple’s flagship iPhone 14 Pro is a better device than the regular iPhone 14. That’s not to say Apple hasn’t improved the iPhone 14. The device costs less (starts at Rs 79,900 vs Rs 129,900 for the base iPhone 14 Pro) and it gets the job done. That being said, the value you get with the iPhone 14 Pro will be much higher compared to that of the iPhone 14. Apple has totally redesigned the iPhone 14 Pro and the device feels like a new version of the iPhone. It’s got a 120Hz display with always-on mode, a new A16 Bionic processor, and a more powerful 48-megapixel camera. Even the notch has been removed and replaced with a pill-shaped area on top of the display that changes in shape and size. It’s really cool and we courage you to experience the iPhone 14 Pro at an Apple store to experience “Dynamic Island” and a beefier camera system before buying the device.


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