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8 Practical Ways To Prevent Your Man From Having Side Chicks

The dream of every woman in a relationship is to have her man all to herself. No woman would like to share her husband with other ladies.

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One of the trending ways relationships break is by having female friends who are called “side chicks.”

The name “side chicks” rose from the fact that these ladies are not the main girlfriends or wives of the men they date.

Surprisingly, some of these side chicks are aware of their position in the relationship and are comfortable with it.


Here are ways to keep your house from having side chicks:

1. Learn his love Language

Men have love languages, some men may appreciate gifts more than attention, while others appreciate space more than attention. Knowing your husband’s love language will go a long way in keeping him to yourself.

2. Don’t be obsessive

Trying to be too clingy or obsessive can turn your man off. Women who are overly obsessive about their husbands may end up losing them. Learn to give him space once in a while especially when he demands it.

3. Be Better; Not jealous

When you notice that your husband is keeping side chicks, it is not the best time to start showing your jealousy even though it hurts. You should work towards becoming better and finding ways to attract your man. Be better in attitude and every other way that could affect him.

4. Keep communication alive

The key to every relationship is communication. When a man and Woman communicate effectively, it tends to keep the time they spend together closer. Even if they are far apart communication will keep them together.

5. Experiment

One way to keep a relationship is by having healthy sexual intercourse. Try experimenting with sexual styles with your man. Don’t starve him of sex. Little issues couples have inside the bedroom are due to unsatisfied sexual life.

And this can lead men to start looking outside for satisfaction and start keeping side chicks.

6. Regular Dates

Going on a date should not be an occasional event or should not stop during courtship. Regular dates will make your husband draw closer to you and share beautiful moments with you. Trust me your husband will no longer have time for side chicks if he always spends quality time with you.

7. Become Best Friends

Most men who cheat do it out of frustration and having no one to confide in. So a way to clear off their minds will be checking out with side chicks.

Your husband should be your best friend, at that, he can open up to you and share his thoughts and problems with you rather than going out to look out for side chicks.

And your best friends wouldn’t want to hurt you.

8. Don’t make him vulnerable to side chicks

Interestingly, most women push their husbands into getting side chicks. If you find out that your husband is cheating on you, that is not the right time to start putting out an attitude. Instead, you find ways to bring him back home and keep him from cheating.


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