Active Shooter at Central High School ; Police Are Investigating at Central High School

Active Shooter at Central High School ; Police Are Investigating at Central High School

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On September 30, the San Angelo Police Agency posted on their Facebook page that they had received a call from a caller who claimed falsely that shots had been fired close to the school. The Central High School administrators and leaders reportedly put the school on lockdown in coordination with SAPD to guarantee the safety of the kids, according to reports from the neighborhood police agency.

The police verified that there was no threat and that no weapons had been fired after searching every building on campus.

This story will go on from here. As soon as additional details are learned, an update will be given here.

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Ascension of the Seton Northwest A “critical event” was claimed to have occurred at Seton Northwest Hospital, which is situated at 11113 Research Blvd. service road northbound. ATCEMS first alerted authorities to the situation at around 12:53 p.m. Five commanders, a number of single-unit reaction resources, and five ambulances were already en route to the accident scene. As of 1:45 p.m., no patients had been discovered, attended to, or removed from the scene, according to ATCEMS.

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The call reporting “shots fired” was received at roughly 12:25 p.m., according to the Austin Police Department, which has confirmed that it is also responding to the incident. The hospital has reportedly been placed under lockdown as a safety measure, according to the police.

The public has been asked to avoid the area for the time being by the local authorities.


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