Alternatives For Women Who Hate Wearing Bras (Video)

Alternatives For Women Who Hate Wearing Bras (Video)

Bras can be the most uncomfortable piece of underwear, especially those with underwires that have been linked to breast cancer.

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However, there are alternatives if you want to give up bras

1. Go braless

Embrace your breast shape and size, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it – all breasts are quite beautiful.

2. Bralettes or sport bras


Bralettes are loose yet fitting. It makes you comfortable and gives support.


3. Use bra pasties or boob tape

Boob tape

Boob tapes or pasties help to keep the breasts in a fixed position. They also give women a more pronounced cleavage and shape their breasts.

4. Use a bandeau or tube top

A bandeau

Tube tops keep your breasts in place, and they don’t burden you. They also prevent your nipples from showing.

5. Shape Wear

Shape wear

Shapewear gives women bodies definition, hides excess tummy fat, and makes bras unnecessary.

However, there are some outfits that would require you to wear a bra. So, you cannot possibly go braless throughout your lifetime.


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