BFG Straap Reddit Death Video; Rapper BFG Straap Among 2 Killed In Dallas Shooting

BFG Straap Reddit Death Video; Rapper BFG Straap Among 2 Killed In Dallas Shooting

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Rapper BFG Straap Killed In Dallas Shooting

Police are looking for the suspects who shot and killed two people in Dallas on Thursday afternoon, including local artist BFG Strapp. Casey Street in South Dallas, right close to Malcolm Avenue X, was the location of the fatal gunshot. A 26-year-old victim named Cory Lucien died there. A hospital witnessed the passing of Anyone Dillard, 22.

Dillard used the rap alias BFG Straap. The most well-known of his songs are “GANG MEMBER,” “Every day 420,” and “I’m Good.”

Two persons were shot and killed in South Dallas on Thursday, according to the police, including local rapper BFG Straap.


BFG Straap Viral Death Video On Reddit

At 3:30 pm, South Malcolm’s 2800 block of Casey Street, near Avenue X, received a call for assistance from the police. They found Cory Medina Lucien, age 26, suffering from numerous gunshot wounds there. He was recognized as having passed away at the spot.

Later, the 22-year-old Antywon Dillard, also known as BFG Straap, was found to have visited the hospital. He was killed by a bullet, according to the police.

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At the time, there was no other information about the murder or any suspects.

Call Detective Kimberly Mayfield at 214-671-3646. Please mention case #172681-2022 to her when speaking.

Born and bred in East Dallas, BFG Straap has over 17,400 monthly Spotify listeners and almost 10,000 YouTube subscribers. 11:11, her most recent album, was just over a month ago. STRAAP A MANIAC, the musician’s debut album, was made available in 2019.


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