Video of Carla Zambelli on Reddit That Leaked And Unleashed Madness on The Internet

Video of Carla Zambelli on Reddit That Leaked And Unleashed Madness on The Internet

She entered a bar in So Paulo’s posh Jardins area. On camera, the deputy can be seen tripping while pursuing the suspect and collapsing to the ground. Gunshots may also be heard in the footage.
On Saturday, March 29, federal deputy Carla Zambelli confronted a man in the middle of So Paulo’s posh Rua dos Jardins while brandishing a revolver.

Alameda Lorena followed the man as she crossed Rua Joaquim Eugênio de Lima with a gun. He went into the bar after Zambelli. The deputy can be heard yelling, “Fall on the floor,” in the footage.

She posted pictures of her bruised knee and said that she had been besieged and attacked on social media. Zambelli, however, was shown tripping and falling to the ground as he attempted to chase the man in another witness-shot video before raising his gun. You can also hear gunfire in the video (Watch the video below).

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Later, Zambelli uploaded a video of his rendition to his social media account.

“I was telling the police about it. I was beaten. I was thrown to the ground by them. a man of color. They used a black man to attack me, she says in the video. See below:


“Some were present. I exited the restaurant and noticed that they had previously spotted us. As some males approached the window, a woman in a red shirt was there to defend herself. All escaped. [ . ..] He pushed me, which caused me to fall. I ran after him and told him I was going to call the police, so he had to wait for them to show up.

Zambelli omitted to mention his permit to carry a weapon. She posted a video to social media in 2020 to acknowledge the success of carrying a 38-caliber firearm.


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