Carol Vorderman Photos & Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Carol Vorderman Photos & Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Carol Vorderman Viral video

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“So I’m heading to a hot kettlebell session now,” Carol told her followers. In a video, I appeared well-groomed. It’s available online for free on YouTube.

I do a lot of training online and really enjoy it, she remarked in the video. Juice and Toyah are a wonderful duo that I came upon; I truly enjoy all of their diverse performances.

Some of Carroll’s fans referred to her rather suggestive training gear choices, while others praised the diva for her flawlessly stunning performance. One cheeky fan remarked, “I must say you have a lot of faith in that zipper.

Carol Vorderman Photos & Video Viral Reddit

“Wow, you look wonderful,” exclaimed another. “Looks incredibly lovely, sounds like you’re having a great time,” a third person commented.

Carol shares the unexpected secret—which is not for the faint of heart—behind her young beauty. The TV host claimed to take supplements, one of which she stated included the chemical spermidine, which is also present in numerous foods and semen.

The British TV presenter told followers in a video she shared on Instagram that she feels “on top of the world” at 62 and that the reason she still looks her best is that she uses these supplements.

When you get to know me, you know that I view life as a huge experiment, and I adore it, Carroll says in the video. She informs her followers that she is researching it. The most recent scientific connection, spermidine triggers the autophagic process, which cleans out cells.

“Autophagy is so crucial that it garnered a Nobel Prize for Japanese scientists who revealed how it works,” the author continued.


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