Eli Manning Discusses The Viral Penn State Walk-on Video Prank

Eli Manning Discusses The Viral Penn State Walk-on Video Prank

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It’s amazing to see how charming Eli Manning has become after quitting football. As hosts of outstanding episodes of Saturday Night Live, both he and Peyton proved they had the comedic skills, but now they are taking it to a whole new level.

Eli’s Places, a college football show on ESPN Plus, debuted a teaser on Monday. Manning usually just takes in the sights, sounds, and customs of college football, but this time he returns as Chad Powers.

Chad is an amazing human being. To bolster his confidence, he uses the third person nearly entirely. Despite only scoring a 5.49 in the 40, he repeats the mantra “thought fast, fun fast” while running. Additionally, Powers says that although he was homeschooled, it was excellent for him to develop as a football player because his mother served as his coach.

The moment Eli, er, “Chad” places the ball in his hands for passing drills is without a doubt the greatest. Glowing 80s hair is replaced by a cannon arm that stuns the Penn State coaching staff by consistently placing the ball right on the numbers.

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We can’t wait to see the entire thing when it debuts tomorrow because it is a funny segment. For the time being, all we can do is marvel at Eli’s ability to channel a personal hero.

I require all of the Manning content that ESPN is willing to provide.


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