Explained What Is The FIFA 23 Care Package Gifts Trend As It Goes Viral On TikTok

Explained What Is The FIFA 23 Care Package Gifts Trend As It Goes Viral On TikTok

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Producers on TikTok produced “care gifts” for their significant others in advance of the release of FIFA 23 so that they would understand what a care package is.

FIFA 23 finally arrived on September 30 after several weeks of anticipation, bringing a variety of exciting novelties to the field.

Learn About The FIFA 23 Care Package Trend Before It Goes Viral On TikTok



The creators have been working diligently to add brand-new Hypermotion 2 technology as well as several enhancements to the game’s current content, such as cross-platform play before it is rebranded as EA Sports FC next year.

But it’s fair to say that FIFA 23’s release hasn’t been without its bumps; during the game’s pre-release, many players expressed frustration over server problems and stability issues.

But since FIFA’s release, a new trend has evolved, with TikTokers creating “care packages” for their partners so they may play the new game uninterrupted.

TikTok care gift trend from FIFA 23

Just one day before FIFA’s official release on September 30, TikTok creator @ameliawilsonn_ uploaded a video of herself packing a care package for her lover that attracted millions of viewers.

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For her significant other, the maker of the little film stuffed a box to the brim with treats and libations, including Doritos, chocolate, booze, and oddly enough, a tin of custard.

With FIFA 23, the venerable video game franchise comes to an end. Football’s governing body and EA Sports have broken their relationship after an almost 30-year alliance that started with stars like David Platt gracing the cover over a licensing issue.

The FIFA name will no longer be used in upcoming games in the series in favor of the new EA Sports FC moniker. Not that playing FIFA 23 would reveal anything, mind you. Despite being the final title with the well-known moniker, EA’s most recent football simulation is conducting business as usual both on and off the field.


FIFA’s final game is mostly a game of incremental adjustments, even though there are a few new features scattered across its many game modes and Ultimate Team receives its greatest overhaul in years.

This has an impact on gameplay, particularly in terms of the game’s overall tempo. Although I had said the same thing the year before, FIFA 23 is significantly slower than its predecessor. They work best in brief bursts, though, exploiting their acceleration to gain a yard of room or swerve past a standing back line. Quick players are still a threat.


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