FULL Viral Video of Sarah Inam Rathore Being Killed at Ayaz Amir’s Farmhouse by his son Shah Nawaz

FULL Viral Video of Sarah Inam Rathore Being Killed at Ayaz Amir’s Farmhouse by his son Shah Nawaz

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According to a report on Friday from Geo-Information, the daughter-in-law of senior journalist Ayaz Amir was killed in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad neighborhood.

According to the Islamabad Police spokesperson, Shah Nawaz, the son of Ayaz Amir, is charged with killing his wife Sara at home. She was discovered dead not far from a farm.

According to a police official, Ayaz Amir’s son has reportedly been taken into custody.

The police spokesperson said that forensic teams and senior law enforcement officers from the Islamabad Police had been present.

An investigation into the event is ongoing, according to the police spokesman, and any information discovered will probably be made public.

The victim’s body has been delivered to PIMS Hospital Islamabad for an autopsy.

Amir said in a media interview that no one should have to go through such sorrow and that such an incident shouldn’t happen to anyone.

When asked about allegations that his son was intoxicated, the journalist replied, “What else is there to say? It’s legal to have a problem like this.

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Why did that happen?

According to sources around the household, Sara and Shah Nawaz had been married for just three months. The sources further stated that Sara worked in Dubai and had just recently come to Pakistan, where she had just bought a car. They said they had connected online.

The pair allegedly got into a fight at night on the farmland where they were staying with Shah Nawaz’s mother. Sara reportedly passed out when Shah Nawaz attacked her with an iron object, according to sources. After that, he allegedly placed her into a bathtub and turned on the water supply.

The homicide weapon and other evidence have been sent for review, according to the sources, who also claimed that Shah Nawaz’s mother saw everything happen and called the police. Additionally, the crime scene has undergone a forensic assessment.


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