Kafası Kesilerek öldürülen Anne Video Viral Trends on Twitter & Reddit

Kafası Kesilerek öldürülen Anne Video Viral Trends on Twitter & Reddit

Kafası Kesilerek öldürülen Anne Videos

The murder was filed in 2021 but is now in the news again following a court decision. Ms. Sevilay Palabiyik, 67, was reportedly assassinated by her daughter Tugce Sayin. The 35-year-old daughter decapitated her mother, put the head in a pot, and scraped the meat off her leg, which she kept. The event took place in 2021 in Kukucek Mece, Istanbul. Palabiyik’s lawyer Serpil Donmez said: “We are appealing a new report on the accused’s mental health.

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She suffers from bipolar disorder but is not mentally ill enough to constitute this crime. The victim’s confession was made two days after the incident was reported. The patient has a wit signed statement. Her statement does not appear to be mentioned in the account, and we are asking the court to bring criminal charges against the negligent officer. When the verdict was announced, the court jury found that the victim was mentally ill there, we did not provide such a room for the offender, and we decided to send her to a mental hospital for treatment.

We released her completely from prison, but we only released her for her treatment, which will continue in custody in a high-security mental hospital. Further developments in the case revealed that the victim, the late Sevilay Palabıyık, filed a complaint with the police on May 21, 2021, about her daughter, claiming that she threatened her with a knife and asked her to take out the bracelet. But the police did not take the matter seriously, and on May 24, 2021, the accused Tuj Sain killed her mother and beheaded her.

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