Melina Johnsen Leaked Onlyf on Reddit, Twitter Viral Videos, Musical Artist

Melina Johnsen Leaked Onlyf on Reddit, Twitter Viral Videos, Musical Artist

Melina Johnsen Viral Leaked Video – Good night, Norway (TV 2): Melina Johansson, a former contestant on “Before the Beach,” fades from view after serving her punishment in ankle shackles. – She expressed gratitude for everything that occurred.

Melina Johnsen (26), a reality television star, has gained notoriety for appearing in shows like “Ex on the Beach” and “71 degrees north – Norway’s strongest celebrities.” She also received the Golden Ticket for “Best Participant” in 2019 for her most recent TV speech.

Her daily life in the reality bubble increasingly consisted of drugs and wild parties, but at some point it went too far.

A year ago, former “Ex on the Beach” character Melina Johansen was convicted of DUI and violence. Then there was silence. Now the 26-year-old has spoken openly about the time after the sentencing. The biggest change is that I have fewer parties. I don’t go out until something special happens. Then I very much declined, which was fine. “I don’t have a hangover all day, I wake up the next day with energy to do something positive,” she told Norge Godnatt.

She even said the sentence may have been what saved her. Yes, I would say that. This is a good and bad lesson. I am grateful for everything that has happened. I need an alarm clock. “I have a lot of toxic people in Oslo, and it’s not good for me,” she said.

The service time itself is also good. I think I’ve grown a lot during that time. Then I was just with myself, she added.

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She said that even after her conviction, she remained focused on herself and a healthier lifestyle, including exercise and a better diet. Now she chooses to prioritize those who give her positive energy in her everyday life. A lot of negative things happened around the ankle chain. I realized that I had to take care of myself. Now that I’ve put it behind me, I’ve started something new that’s positive for the people around me that make me happy. I also train five days a week, so I start from nothing – to everything.

In order to live the life she has today, she has had to delete some people who were previously part of her social circle. It is sad, but if you are going to get up and go, you must be with those who want you to be well. Those who have big ambitions for life, she said.


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