My Hubby Always Tie Me On the Bed Before Making Love With Me


My Hubby Always Tie Me On the Bed Before Making Love With Me

My name is Jaqueline from Voi and I have an emotional story that I would like to share out after many years of my bad marriage.

Many people think that being in Marriage is an excuse to treat your spouse badly. There have been many cases of household violence, abuse and neglect of women, married, in their homes but many feel that it’s a case that should be settled within the family or just the two spouses involved. That’s not supposed to be the case if what I have gone through is anything to go by.

My Hubby Always Tie Me On the Bed Before Making Love With Me

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When I got married, I felt strongly that I was moving into a wonderful phase in my life. During our courtship he did everything possible to make me feel comfortable, treated me with utmost respect and love.

I fell head over heels for him. I was certain this was the man God had purposed for me. He had a good job, a car, all the things that were associated with a successful and ambitious young man. My parents adored him and I was further convinced that this was my final man.

After our marriage, we moved into a three bedroom apartment, then I had just completed my youth service and was working as an intern with a marketing company. On the other hand, my hubby was a banker. During the early years of our marriage, there was heaven and we had fully settled down and was ready to start our home.

I remember that afternoon when it all started, initially I never felt he was one to enjoy rough s^x but after that day I began to deliberate seriously on the possibilities. I had just finished eating and had gone to our room to rest. I was texting a friend. He came into the room and unlike the romantic persuasion he used when he wanted to make love, he commanded me to remove my clothes.

I did so, and as we made love he occasionally hit my behind harder, slapped me severally and shoved my head to the pillow. When I tried to protest he asked me to shut up and not spoil the fun. It was very uncomfortable and painful for me.

After that day I began to feel uncomfortable, he had completely changed from the loving man he used to be to a cruel and violent person, and especially when it came to s^x moment. He was always demanding and even when I cried out he would hit me more and force me to remain subservient.

It became worse. He would tie me on the bed using his neck tie, spank me hard on the cheek and buttocks – it was too painful.

When I summoned courage to report the matter to my mom who raised me she told me it was disgusting for me to bring such bedroom issues about my private life to her and that I should learn to please my husband in bed. She told me that women remain a property of their men once married.

Anytime I tried to reach out to my husband and ask why he treated me the way he does when he knows I don’t like it he said I’m an ingrate and disrespectful wife and that if I don’t like his way of doing things I should pack and leave.

What do you think I can do? Please advice me.


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