Norma Jean Baker Death: What Happened? Serie of Netflix Blonde Netflix

Norma Jean Baker Death: What Happened? Serie of Netflix Blonde Netflix

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Marilyn Monroe did not have a particularly pleasant upbringing. Her maiden name is Gladys Baker, a woman with severe mental issues who was abandoned by her spouse Norma in Bo at the hands of the Rands. Her real name is Norma Jean Morteson, the last name of her stepfather. She also goes by the name Norma Jean Baker.

The future actress moved in with her mother when she turned seven, but Gladys had to be hospitalized the following year for paranoid schizophrenia, so her happiness was fleeting. After a challenging upbringing in which she lived with her grandparents, went to an orphanage, and was adopted by a number of families, Norma married James Doherty, a neighbor who worked in the aeronautical materials industry, in 1942. When Norma started his work, the US had recently entered the war, and he was inspecting parachutes in manufacturing.

In 1944, a photographer ran into her while writing an article on women’s contributions to the war economy, and Yank magazine suggested that she become a model for her. The world of glamor is more attractive than the parachute company, so Norma did not hesitate to start her career as a model with Emmeline Snively, who suggested that she change her hair color. Her rise to fame was swift and by 1945 she would be known as a “photographer’s dream”.

The following year, Fox casting executive Ben Lyon was so impressed by her beauty that he hired her for $125 a week, suggesting a name change for her. The chosen ones will be Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn of the then-successful actress Marilyn Miller, and Monroe of her mother’s family. Shortly after, she would film her first feature film sequence, but she was cut from the final film. Her marriage failed and in 1946 she was divorced.

Her first role came in 1948, producing sequences for the films “Scudda Hoo! Scudda-hay” and “Dangerous year” and singing her first song in “Ladies of the chorus”. In the summer of 1949, she agreed to be photographed nude for a calendar by photographer Tom Kelly, which was later selected for the first issue of Playboy magazine. John Huston offered her a small role in “The Asphalt Jungle” (1950), a role that would open the door for her as a supporting actress in “The Eve Nude,” starring Bette Davis and Annie Starring Baxter. The myth of Marilyn came into play, starting a successful stage in which she starred in no less than 11 films, until her roles in Howard Hawks’s “Gentlemen Like Blondes” and Johanne Gulesko’s “How To” Marrying a Millionaire”, in which the glamorous blonde conquers men with her impressive physique and ingenuity, she will finally emerge victorious.

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Her love life was as dizzying as her film career: agent Johnny Hyde, director Elijah Kazan or baseball icon Joe DiMaggio, whom she would marry on January 14, 1954, the alliance would only last nine months. . Marilyn came to the fore with “The Temptation Upstairs,” in which the scene in which her white dress is lifted into the air from the subway grate became one of the film’s landmarks. Her statement to the media was equally explosive, saying that she did not wear underwear and that the only clothes she could sleep in were a few drops of “Chanel nğ 5”.

With her visiting the US troops in South Korea, she will have one of her greatest successes. But Porn Myth wanted to change the image of her in the movie and she began to prepare to become an actress. To do this, she did not hesitate to study performing arts at the famous actor’s studio Lee and Paula Strasberg, and she even founded her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, in collaboration with photographer Milton Green. One of the production company’s first jobs will be John Logan’s “Bus Stop,” a film that was widely criticized as a stage actor.


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