Olenka Zimmermann And Xoana González Viral Leaked on Onlyf on Twitter And Reddit

Olenka Zimmermann And Xoana González Viral Leaked on Onlyf on Twitter And Reddit

A promise was kept. In a painful collaboration that will be webcast on her OnlyF account, Olenka Zimmermann and Xoana González shared a social media announcement. Let’s not forget that ever since the former Chronicles of Influence anchor created her account on the platform, fans have pleaded for a video featuring the well-known Argentine.

Following feedback from her fans, the former Willax TV personality provided an exciting sneak glimpse of the couple wearing gorgeous lingerie. m. on Friday at 4:20 p. Followers were in awe after Zimmerman stated on his Instagram account, “In the month of my birthday, I put on this concert with my lovely Xoana for all my fans.

Not content, Olenka posted a portion of an earlier interview she had with the “gaucha” model. The controversial Argentine model responds to the 52-year-old former driver’s question about doing porn together by saying, “We’ll do what you want, I’m not sure I have to. Be accepting of what you do.

Finally, a photo of Xoana González and Olenka Zimmermann sharing a glass of wine and clearly kissing was released to celebrate their partnership. On social media, the message received a variety of responses and remarks, primarily from male users.

It should be emphasized that the sentiments of the fans have just lately come to light because Orenka left the option of collaborating with Xoana González open in an interview with Infobae. “She is one of the most well-known users on OnlyF, and she is also one of the most experienced users. I am new, and I only have a little more than a week. Nothing. I can handle all ideas. Welcome. I also cannot engage in activities that would make me uncomfortable.

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So long as her husband Javier González recorded it, the Argentine accepted the offer at that point. She also counseled him to show courage. “Let him play a little longer, but I see why we always start out this way; it’s always softer, and when we’re at ease, we’re braver. She needs more time, in my opinion,” Xoana remarked.


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