Optus Data Security Breach: Optus Data Breach Leaked on Twitter & Reddit

Optus Data Security Breach: Optus Data Breach Leaked on Twitter & Reddit

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Following Optus’s Thursday disclosure of its significant data breach, users started getting emails informing them that their personal information had been exposed.

Customers’ names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, account-related addresses, and information about identification documents like driver’s licenses or passport numbers were among the information that was exposed, according to the telco, even though no financial information or passwords were accessed. Customer compromises.

Optus withheld the number of Australian customers in danger of a breach, but Home Secretary Claire O’Neill said to parliament on Monday that 9.8 million customers were impacted, of which 2.8 million had “significant amounts of data.” has disappeared

If you are one of those impacted, you might be unsure of what to do next. Expert consultation has been sought by Guardian Australia.

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According to Nick Klein, executive director of digital forensics and incident response at Cyber CX, “there’s no need to panic and modify everything at once.”

Klein advises Optus users to use multi-factor authentication and secure passwords for all online accounts, especially for sensitive ones like email and banking.

One of the people whose data was compromised was Toby Murray, an associate professor of cybersecurity at the University of Melbourne.

Murray advises contacting your bank and requesting them to set up additional verification procedures for your account (such as additional security questions), particularly phone authentication, as a first step in preventing fraud.

According to Murray, Optus users should think about charging other worthwhile accounts, such as those run by superannuation companies or Centrelink.


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