Schanda Handley Leaked on Reddit, Evidence in The kidnapping – Explained

Schanda Handley Leaked on Reddit, Evidence in The kidnapping - Explained

As soon as Schanda Handley was released, she informed law authorities that she was aware her estranged spouse was to blame for her kidnapping. This is clear evidence of his culpability, which persuaded the investigators that he was guilty.

On August 6, 2017, two armed men broke into Schanda Handley’s Lafayette, Louisiana, home. That day, Handley and her daughter were at home. Schanda planned to provide the robbers money and goods so they could hurt people. But as the boys drove off, she chained them and hid with them in the backseat of the van.

Schanda’s 14-year-old daughter Isabella was trying to be abducted as nicely when she refused to go along with them. However when she remained behind, Isabella watched helplessly as her mother was driven away in the abductors’ car.

Schanda believed in God as she lay nude on a kidnapper’s shoulders. The opposite kidnapper drove while his comrade put capsules in Schanda’s mouth.

Schanda told “48 Hours” that he used to think, “God, this is the way I expect this project to go down. And it may well not be good, however I believe you put this to place.”

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When off-duty law enforcement employee Chad Martin observed the van performing erratic maneuvers, he attempted to stop the van’s passerby. However, the driver accelerated off the shoulder and fled the scene.

The fleeing abductors drove the van onto a dead-end dirt road 60 miles from Lafayette. They drove it into the mud before abandoning it with Schanda inside.

Inside the back of the van, Schanda was handcuffed and exposed, by deputy Martin of the Ibervill e sheriff’s workplace.

Martin told “48 Hours” that a woman checked him out and asked if he was the real police or the one who would kill her.

Schanda believed her estranged husband, Michael Handley, was involved with her kidnapping when she was rescued.

Police discovered that Schanda reported Michael’s behavior several times throughout the months he was held captive. She also obtained a restraining order against him.

Authorities uncovered evidence that suggested Michael Handley was the mastermind behind the kidnapping in their investigation.

Handley purchased handcuffs from a police supply retailer three days before Schanda was kidnapped.


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