See King Maponga Joshua lll Message To king Charles Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit

See King Maponga Joshua lll Message To king Charles Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit

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Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96 without ever apologizing, returning stolen property, or even offering an apology. Her history of violence includes Africa, the Caribbean, and India. Slaves actually built their entire city. The blood of our forefathers is on the crimson carpet she enjoys walking on. She should not rest in peace until justice has been served since our rulers did not die or rest in peace.

The harm the British Monarch inflicted is unmatched, and it almost seems like witchcraft to slice off monarchs’ heads, bring them to your palace, and use them as ceremonial cups or awards. She resisted admitting it, saying sorry, or returning these skulls for decent burial until she passed away.

The watcher (Maponga j iii) message to King Charles iii

1. Relinquish your hold on lands in the commonwealth (common poverty) you are the only one who enjoys the wealth.  Let go of the title deeds and let the local people utilize their land for food, industry, and commerce.

2. Pay back the slaves what is due to them and those who want to return to their homes “Let my people go”, give them gold and safe passage

3. Fix what your mother failed to fix, seek peace with other kings, and stop the arrogance of thinking your kingdom is the only one in the world, you are a king in your land not on all lands. Return the skulls of our kings, it’s your Royal duty to return Royal skulls that lay in your palace. There will be no rest until our ancestors are buried with dignity.

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4. Come and take Cecil John Rhode’s body, your servant and remove him from our Royal shrine, while at it, take the name Victoria Falls back to Queen Victoria, our fall is called Mosiyatunya.

5. Love your children and learn to be a good father. Forgive yourself for having your grandmother (Queen) run your household. Take responsibility, and be a man. Restore your son’s dignity and you will earn my respect. He married an Afrikan woman we are now family as of the days of old…blackness is back. If you were man enough to make the children be man enough to bring them up.

6. Return the copyright and the profits of the Bible to their rightful owners, King James did not write that script but plagiarised extracts from the book of the Dead and bible of Ethiopia. The crown has made billions from sales of this book, the least you can do is to return the stolen IP. It also says “thou shall not steal”.

7. Travel around the world and make peace where your fathers and mother waged war. Use the few years you have to do this and you will die in peace.

– Maponga Joshua iii Mara-Rah

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