Shylah Rodden Death: Shylah Rodden Dies in Rollercoaster Crash

Shylah Rodden Death: Shylah Rodden Dies in Rollercoaster Crash

The 26-year-old Shylah Rodden who was badly hurt on a roller coaster in Melbourne on Sunday has been named by the media.

Victoria Police and WorkSafe are seeking to piece together how the accident happened as Ms. Rodden fights for her life in the hospital.

Initial reports said that Ms. Rodden had gone onto the ride’s tracks at the Royal Melbourne Show before being struck by an approaching carriage in order to retrieve her phone.

Before being struck by a rollercoaster carriage and falling to the ground, the woman may have joined the track to try and recover a dropped phone, according to Victoria Police.

After a rollercoaster accident at the Melbourne Royal Show, 26-year-old Shylah Rodden is still in critical condition.
But as inquiries continue, rumors about what actually happened have started to circulate, with her father Alan Rodden acknowledging that “there are a lot of stories flying around.”

woman in a coma with terrible wounds

“The wounds are terrible. Horrific. She has a brain injury. Its pelvis, arms, legs, back, and neck are all damaged. Almost everything is broken. I really don’t see how in the world such extensive damage could have been caused, Mr. Rodden told Daily Mail Australia.

He can’t get answers because she is still in a coma, but Mr. Rodden hinted that someone might be “covering their tracks.”

According to Victoria Police, Ms. Rodden is still in critical condition.

Witnesses say they saw a woman “dropping” off of the ride

Reports state that before the ride abruptly came to a stop, witnesses heard loud screams, leading many to believe Ms. Rodden must have somehow fallen from the ride.

She flew off the ride with a loud crash. One eyewitness posted on social media that she hit the ground with a loud crack, then she screamed.

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Another person who allegedly witnessed the incident and was nearby the ride said, “I did not see her walking or climbing on the tracks at all.”

Mr. Rodden is being taken away by paramedics, and right, workers attend to the rollercoaster at the Royal Melbourne Show after the incident.

“We saw her flying from the ride, where she landed and how she landed is not consistent with being hit,” the woman reportedly claimed.

Nine News reporter Maggie Raworth, who was at the scene, also said she’d “fallen from around nine meters high after the ride carried her into the air”.

But this theory was shut down by show organizers early on with Melbourne Royal Show CEO Brad Jenkins confirming “she’d gone to recover her phone”.

Show organizers deny claims as mystery continues

Mr. Jenkins told radio host Virginia Trioli on ABC Mornings that they “don’t know” how the woman got on to the track and said it’s a “subject for WorkSafe and police” to investigate.

Asked by Ms Trioli if there was a fence surrounding the ride, Mr. Jenkins reportedly declined to comment about whether one existed, and if it did, how high it was, according to

Instead, he said that he “can’t comment specifically on that particular ride”.


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