Tudor Chirila Jr., a Nevada Attorney Charged With a Teen’s 1972 Homicide in Hawaii, Battles Extradition

Tudor Chirila Jr., a Nevada Attorney Charged With a Teen's 1972 Homicide in Hawaii, Battles Extradition

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Attorney Tudor Chirila Jr., who is charged with murdering a juvenile in Hawaii in 1972, resists extradition.

Nancy Anderson, then 19, is charged with being stabbed 63 times in her Honolulu condo over 50 years ago by Nevada attorney Tudor Chirila Jr. He is resisting being returned to Nevada to face the charges in the matter.

A former Nevada Supreme Court candidate who had connections to a legal brothel and was imprisoned for murder in 1972 is personally fighting his extradition to another state.

Tudor Chirila Jr., 77, was arrested on September 13 in Reno for the stabbing death of Nancy Anderson, 19, who had been murdered more than 50 years earlier in her Honolulu apartment.

Chirila, who formerly served as Nevada’s deputy attorney general, reportedly refused to be extradited to Hawaii on Wednesday, saying that his constitutional rights had been violated, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

“Your honor, I would like to travel to Hawaii. Chirila gushed, “It’s so beautiful,” to Reno Justice of the Peace Scott Pearson. The problem is that I think the arrest was illegal.

Chirila alleged that his DNA was taken against his will when he was arrested in relation to a cold case.

The elderly defendant claimed Reno authorities threatened to “beat the heck out of me if necessary” if he didn’t provide his DNA in exchange for a saliva sample, Chirila reported to Pearson. In the Reno Justice Court, the wheelchair-bound defendant made an appearance.

“This is unconstitutional,” Chirila screamed repeatedly.

The accused also claimed that on September 6, when police showed up at his apartment with a warrant for his DNA, he was still recuperating from recent eye surgery.

I was frightened they would hit my eye, Chirila continued.

He protested the DNA testing, claiming it was making him a witness against himself. It is a constitutional right, regardless of whether Donald Trump or I declare, “I refuse to supply any samples,” (While refusing to provide a voluntary DNA sample is constitutionally protected, if a judge issues a warrant for its collection, a person may be legally forced to cooperate.)

Judge Pearson did state, according to the Gazette-Journal, that any allegations of constitutional violations must be presented before the Honolulu court that granted the DNA collection warrant and that any claims of improper use of force by the police can be brought before a civil court. He allowed Chirila ten days to formally submit any motions related to his allegations.

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Nancy Anderson’s family had come from Florida for the hearing and was present in the courtroom, according to ABC Reno affiliate KOLO-TV.

On January 7, 1972, Anderson’s roommate, 18-year-old Jody Spooner, who had come to Honolulu from Bay City, Michigan, and worked at a local McDonald’s, found her dead.

When Spooner returned to their shared apartment at 2:30, he discovered Anderson talking with two salespeople before turning in for the night. She awoke to discover Anderson dead on the floor of her blood-spattered bedroom around 4:15 p.m. The young woman had been fatally stabbed in the heart.

In 2020, blood-stained towels were found next to Anderson’s body. Parabon NanoLabs worked with Honolulu police to use the physical evidence from the towels to build a DNA profile. Police used a genetic genealogy investigation to find the suspect’s son in Newport Beach, California.

Thus, on September 6, Reno police arrived at Tudor Chirila’s apartment door armed with a Honolulu order to obtain his DNA.

A warrant for Chirila’s arrest was issued by Honolulu police six days after he was admitted to a hospital in Reno “regarding an attempted suicide,” according to the Gazette-Journal. Chirila was effortlessly hauled into custody while still in the hospital.

Chirila worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaii in the 1970s before obtaining her Nevada law degree in 1979. As a deputy attorney general, he once ran for the state supreme court.

In addition, he was the owner of a company affiliated with the Mustang Ranch, a well-known legal brothel just outside of Reno that had been charged with racketeering and tax fraud.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Chirila allegedly inappropriately helped the late owner Joe Conforte, known as the “King of Prostitution” and suspected of having connections to organized crime, regain control of the Mustang Ranch when the federal authorities seized the bordello.

Additionally, according to KOLO, Chirila has a history of arrests, one of which occurred in 1995 for allegedly kidnapping and attempting to rape his fiancée. The girlfriend later denied the charges.

On October 3, Chirila will go before a judge once more, according to CBS News. By that time, he will have received a public attorney by order of the judge. He is still detained in a Washoe County jail without posting a bond.


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