Video Tpmp Ruby Nikara Leaked on Reddit

Video Tpmp Ruby Nikara Leaked on Reddit

The former candidate for president is scheduled to go on trial on Friday for using the term “insult to France” on television in 2018 when referring to columnist Hapsatou Sy. He even advised that she rename herself “Corinne.”

A case that was first heard four years ago will be decided at a hearing on Friday at 1:30 pm before the 17th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court. Thierry Addison published Eric Zemmour on September 13, 2018, when he was a guest on the Sunday Earthman recording that was broadcast on C8, and he was a basic media debater and intellectual muse of the far right.

He specifically opposes columnist Hapsatou Sy. He then described the latter’s name as a “insult to France” and suggested replacing it with “Corinne” during a furious exchange.

After the cut, it was only partially broadcast on television, but the entire scene was redistributed on social media. As she recounted to Parisian on Friday, Hapsatou Sy’s life was tragically affected by the video’s success, which also put an end to the trial for making racial slurs.

The day I gave birth, the anesthesiologist called me, Colleen.
If the former columnist insisted that Eric Zemmour should be sentenced first at the beginning of the interview, she continued, “I am also waiting for the court to hear the consequences of Mr. Zemmour’s acts. This is not the only disrespectful comment that has made me feel really serious.

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Every time it comes to a name, even in the most intimate times, I’ve been treated like a model by this ‘Corinna’ since 2018, including throughout her presidential campaign, she continued. She then provides the following illustration:

“On the day I gave birth to my second kid in November 2019, the anesthesiologist had the audacity to mock me by referring to me as Corinne. He appeared to think it humorous. I cut him off and told him not to be concerned about me any more.

She condemns the intimidation of Eric Zemmour backers. Far from being an isolated incident, Hapsatou Sy continues in the Ile de France newspaper:

“I have frequently heard these jokes at work gatherings, out on the town, on social media, and even in Wikipedia articles. In fact, throughout these four years, at the behest of their “guru,” the extreme right and a handful of “Éric Zemmour” fans changed my name to Corinne.

“I also got hate mail from them, feces-filled letters, etc. It was quite aggressive, she said.

Zemur won’t organize protests if the suspect is not a foreigner in the murder of Lola, therefore Hapsatou Sy announced that he would be present at the hearing on Friday. Eric Zemmour can live without it. His Reconquest Party candidate for president in the most recent election was found guilty three times of inciting bigotry and intolerance.


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