Viral Josh Hawley Speech Rejecting Sweden, Finland’s NATO Bids Met With Charges Of “Traitor”

Viral Josh Hawley Speech Rejecting Sweden, Finland’s NATO Bids Met With Charges Of “Traitor”

One of the most widely disseminated news stories in recent years is the Josh Hawley video. People are enthralled to learn what the video is about and what caused the story to become so popular, Josh Hawley Viral, as they are wondering about the reality of the events that have been reported.


Josh Hawley Viral Leaked Video

Fans of social media, you have probably heard of Josh Hawley by now. She is one of many remarkable characters recently gaining instant prominence on social media. It has been suggested that a video shared on several prominent social media platforms, most notably Twitter and Reddit, is the impetus behind this unexpected consideration.

The resolution accepting Sweden and Finland’s applications for NATO membership was overwhelmingly adopted by the Senate on Wednesday, demonstrating the bipartisan consensus on expanding the military alliance further on Russia’s border.

The measure passed the Senate in a vote of 95-1-1, with only Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) voting “no,” and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voting “present.”

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. E&E News and Politico via AP Images

In an op-ed published in The National Interest, Hawley explained that he was against expanding NATO into Sweden and Finland because he believes the US should be expanding its military resources into the Asia Pacific to counter China.

An amendment that Paul tried to add to the resolution would have emphasized that Article 5, NATO’s mutual defense clause, does not supersede congressional authorization for war. But the amendment failed in a vote of 10-87.

A resolution in favor of Sweden and Finland joining NATO was approved by the House in July by a vote of 394 to 18; only Republicans opposed the resolution.

Speaking before the House, Hawley stated, “Finland and Sweden want to enlarge NATO because it is in their national security interest to do so—and fair enough.”

The question that should properly be before us, however, is: is it in the United States’ interest to do so? Because that is what American foreign policy is supposed to be about, I thought.”

Hawley’s now viral speech arguing ‘America first’ was met in the usual quarters with charges of sympathies with Russia and the “alt-right”

Only Turkey, a member of NATO, has indicated that its legislature may prevent Sweden and Finland from joining the organization. After signing an agreement at the NATO summit in June, Ankara removed its initial objection to the Nordic nations’ application.


Sweden and Finland were accused by Turkey of aiding the PKK, a Kurdish militant organisation that Ankara views as a terrorist organization. The two Nordic countries agreed to respond to Turkey’s request for extradition of accused PKK members and other “terrorists” under the terms of the pact.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, if Sweden and Finland do not comply, the Turkish parliament may reject their ambitions to join NATO.


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