Watch Ali Sayan Video Leaked on Twitter And Reddit

Watch Ali Sayan Video Leaked on Twitter And Reddit

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What are Ali Sayan’s name and age?

The question itself contains the solution to the query. It was claimed that drug user Ali Sayan hacked to death his mother Hava Sayan in Baclar. Before starting the fire, the suspect hurled his mother’s head into the balcony. While the culprit was being arrested, the house’s fire was put out. So, what are Ali Sayan’s name and age? Is there something wrong with Ali Sayan, based on his expression?

In 2005, Ali Sayan and his mother Havva Sayan got into a fight at their residence in the Fevzi akmak District for an unspecified reason. Around 16:30 yesterday, he used a knife to kill the homeless woman, cut off his head from his body, and carried him to the street from a balcony. Then Ali Sayan, the suspect, locked him out and set the house on fire.

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The suspect was apprehended by the police after they intervened. Following his processes at the police station, the suspect was taken to the Bakrköy Courthouse where he made a statement and was sent to the magistrate to be arrested.

On suspicion of “killing and torturing with horrific feelings” and “deliberately killing a relative of his superior,” the judge made the decision to detain the suspect and send him to prison.

The incident at Baclar, when Ali S.’s mother, Hava S., was stabbed to death and her head was thrown on the balcony in the street, was addressed in a written statement by the governor of Istanbul. The statement read, “Our police teams have apprehended A.S. (26) who cruelly murdered his mother H.S. (58) near Fevzi akmak Mahallesi in our region of Baclar. It was decided that he should be released first. drug usage history


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