Watch Boxer Luis Quinones Dies After Being Knocked Out By Jose Munoz, Boxing Fight Death Video Goes Viral

Watch Boxer Luis Quinones Dies After Being Knocked Out By Jose Munoz, Boxing Fight Death Video Goes Viral

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Colombian boxer Luis Quinones, who was only 25 years old when he was knocked out on September 24 by Jose Munoz, passed away five days later.

The 140-pound title battle was taking place at the Coliseo Elias Chegwin in Barranquilla when a terrible incident occurred.

Boxer Luis Quinones passes away after being knocked out by Jose Munoz; viral boxing video

Quinones was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital, where a blood clot in his brain was discovered. On Thursday, it was said he had no brain activity, but doctors kept him alive till he passed away. Continue reading to find out more about how tragic Luis’ passing was.

What caused Luis Quinones’ death, and why?

Quinones was hit severely by Jose Munoz in the closing moments of the eighth round of the battle, even though it didn’t appear as though the knockout would kill Quinones. Quinones was brought to a neutral corner by the referee so that Munoz could place his mouthpiece back on after dropping it during the bout.

Quinones was spotted falling and tripping in the ring when the match resumed. He was promptly rushed to the hospital after being placed on a stretcher. Munoz was delighted when he first won, and he halted to see how he was doing.

Quinones was found to have a blood clot in his brain, which was caused by the blow to his head during the fight. He had surgery at the North General Clinic in Barranquilla. After the surgery, he fell into a coma. The boxer was put on a breathing machine on Thursday and died on Saturday.

How Was Luis Quinones Death Was Confirmed?

Luis’s brother, Leonardo Quinones, wrote on Facebook that Luis had died: “You went before us, my loving brother. Now you are with your heavenly father, whom you loved and served. I love you, Luis Quinones, forever and ever in our hearts. ”

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Cuadrilatero Boxing, which put on the fight, also said something after his death. Cuadrilatero Boxing is very sad about the death of Luis Quinones. He was an amazing and disciplined person who always gave his all to this sport. “Luis loved boxing so much that he moved from his hometown of Barrancabermeja to the city of Barranquilla to continue his career and become a national athlete,” said the statement.

Quinones’s first boxing match was in 2018. The professional boxer was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. In April 2018, he beat Osman Nunez in his first fight, which won him the match. Luis went on to win his next 10 matches in a row, knocking out six of his opponents.

Who Influenced Luis Towards Boxing?

The boxer Julio Cesar Chavez was a big influence on him. “Boxing is the hardest thing you can do. There’s nothing else like him. “Every time you step into the ring, it’s to prove to yourself that you can do it,” Quinones said in an Instagram post from last year.

People now claim that Munoz is devastated by the loss of his opponent. On the day he was admitted to the hospital, he wrote Luis Quinones letter. The letter was made public after he passed away. “I never imagined that a fantasy could actually turn into a nightmare. We were on the same path because we shared a desire to succeed in life. You are now in a circumstance neither of us could have anticipated due to events in our lives and the careers we picked, he stated in the letter.


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