Watch Cardi B Goes Wild on Akbar Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit Here

Watch Cardi B Goes Wild on Akbar Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit Here

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If you currently follow rapper Cardi B on Twitter, you can see that she has been overwhelmed.

Cardi today targeted Akbar, the show’s supporting actor, with whom she is associated due to the obscure rapper’s recent dispute with Nicki Minaj and others. The messy episode’s premise is clear-cut.

Cardi B’s Wild on Akbar Viral

For the past month, the leading ladies of hip-hop have been actively competing for each other’s fame.

I don’t really like playing online games…

Cardi wrote in a mysterious manner last night, “My DMS is open and so is the street.” Confused doesn’t understand what she’s saying, despite the fact that her supporters (The Barbz) do, with the exception of the course’s final objective.

Things reached a boiling point today following the call between Cardi and Akbar, which Cardi thought had fixed the issue but clearly did not.

Akbar started tweeting today for the first time. One of her first texts was, “Work hard and live alone for a while,” and then, “You’re an industry, b—h, I’m on my way, b—.” She said, “You can’t even be friendly to b-hes…because they like cops-t…s-t is terrible.

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She wrote;

“Who gave that ho Cardi my number… most likely one of your strange A-hoes?” Cardi responded on Twitter with her own statement. I don’t have to @I can change a f*cking life with a mention, Cardi tweeted. Yes, I met her in person; I don’t use the internet! Then the dam broke, and she started talking nonstop.

“You say you don’t f*ck me, but I say you can’t f*ck me,” tweeted Cardi. He said, “Why to keep tweeting if we say what we say on the phone?” Text messages, what about them?

I’m smiling at that b—h must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, I give her a pass, Akbar replied in response to her tweet. Akbar tweeted: “I’m leaving now Satan is coming…all because Nikki gave me a feature. But the pass didn’t last long, and she proceeded to tweet Cardi without using her name, ultimately reaching the crux of the dispute between them. The fact that Cardi used to be a fan was also brought up by Akbar, who said: “I’m a barb, everyone knows it goes back to my interview, never had a meaningful question, and now she wants it. “so sad.”


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