WATCH Igli Schröder Video And Photos That Went Viral on Twitter & Reddit

WATCH Igli Schröder Video And Photos That Went Viral on Twitter & Reddit

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A few days ago, a video that showed a younger girl having oral relations with self-described millionaire Igli Schröder became popular on social media. The clip that was suppressed quickly became popular online.

Igli Schröder repeatedly entered the video and stated that it was created with everyone’s approval. But it soon became clear that the girl standing next to him was under 18 when the photo was shot. If it is true, it’s uncertain.

Boxer and entertainer Bilalgold also offered his opinion on the subject. But instead of talking about Igli Schroeder right away, he instead brought up a rapper who had been around him frequently. Rapper Manuelsen from Germany is that.

He said that Manuelson took an excessively long time to address the accusations against Igley. However, Manuelsen cut off all communication with Sinan-G in a different event within hours.


“At this point, there is only the Igli Schröder movie on my Tiktok ForYou website. He might also be considered a “minor.” I recall seeing Igli recently traveling on the highway with a man who was vehemently opposed to this kind of thing. Igli publicly removed themselves from other people at the time; therefore, it is impossible to keep it private at that point because nothing else is worthwhile. Is there anyone else keeping their distance from Igli?

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What is the point of disconnecting right now if we can’t connect with you? Now, if you’re genuinely against something like this, keep your opinions to yourself in public. Otherwise, do you think it would be more relevant for Igli to speak about the public and distance yourself? Bilalgold composed.

“Wallah, you realize it’s true,” he continued. Now since you have to handle your problems with the same decency you learn in school, you can try to attack me like everyone else, as long as they don’t come from a large family or group. English elucidation.

But regardless of what you choose to do, at the end of the day, you must face your own hypocrisy and admit that the small man was right. My mother used to say, “Whoever sees you steal other people’s hooks and don’t communicate, that’s a quiet devil.


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