Watch Roller coaster accident Melbourne Footage Goes Viral Online

Watch Roller coaster accident Melbourne Footage Goes Viral Online

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It was found the young woman who was hit by a roller coaster at the Royal Melbourne Show. She is currently struggling for her life after recently losing her brother.

Shylah Rodden, 26, is still unconscious and her family spent the entire night with her in the hospital.

She was struck by The Rebel roller coaster on Sunday at 5:45 p.m., and she was propelled nine meters into the air before she crashed to the ground in front of the startled witnesses.

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It has been 26 years since Shylah Rodden was born. She is still an Australian citizen because she was born there. She was conceived by Alan Rodden and is Caisha’s younger sister.

Few people outside of Shylah’s close friends and family are aware of her job or the circumstances surrounding her initial foray into the media industry. There is little information available regarding her line of work. Shylah is fighting for her life in a coma after a recent roller coaster disaster. Online trolls are attacking her family and criticizing how Dhylah is being treated while ill.
According to police, she was trying to take her phone off the train tracks when she was struck.

Her family hasn’t given up hope that she would survive because of her severe wounds, which, according to her father Alan Rodden, have surprised her doctors. However, it has subsequently come to light that the family is still mourning another recent loss.

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Jason, Shylah’s brother, passed away at the end of July. In her last Instagram post before being hurt, she said that his passing had caused “her whole life to fall apart.”

In addition to being my older brother, the woman claimed, he was also my best friend, my entire universe, and the role model I looked up to and aspired to be like.

Rollercoaster accident at the Royal Melbourne Show “He taught me so many valuable lessons. My brother helped me learn how to distinguish between right and evil since he was never afraid to show his actual feelings. I’m hoping for a callback because it doesn’t feel real.

“We have shared so many incredible experiences, and I hope you are proud of how far I have come when you look down on me.

Jason, even though you’re gone, we’ll never forget you. Sleep peacefully.

Even if Shylah lived, her life would never be the same, her father expressed anxiety.

“The wounds are horrific. He described it as “terrible” on Monday, the Daily Mail said.

The tragic catastrophe, which kept riders on the ride for several hours, was seen by many observers.

According to Melbourne Royal CEO Brad Jenkins, Worksafe granted the show’s rides the green light before it opened on Thursday.

The event is still under investigation by Worksafe and the police. The fairground was open for several hours following the event.


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