Watch Simi Malik Video & Photos Went Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Watch Simi Malik Video & Photos Went Viral on Twitter and Reddit

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Simi Malik Viral Video

When compared to other institutions, the Donda Academy’s student body is noticeably different.
Parents of Donda Academy pupils allegedly had to sign nondisclosure agreements for Kanye West’s exclusive school, according to two families who spoke to Rolling Stone. Donda Academy is a modest institution with only about 100 pupils.

According to school consultant Tamar Andrews, each student’s parents simply need to sign a loose agreement. She didn’t say what the deal was, though. Instead, she made an effort to refute the families’ allegations that the school had mistreated their children.

We don’t mind people knowing about the school, Andrews retorted.


Students looking for Christian education are drawn to the school by its reputation. While some view Donda’s affiliation as positive, others view it negatively. Regardless, kids are aware that the institution exists and have the option of enrolling if they so desire.

Longtime friend and associate of West, Malik Yusef, concurred with this notion. He claimed that the school provides pupils with benefits that other organizations do not.

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Students at Donda Academy are given a sense of security and privacy. Additionally, they have access to love, care, a healthy environment, and a God-centered education.

The Donda school process is intended for participants and parishioners; Kanye does not need to publicly declare his objectives in order to draw greater attention to himself.



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