Alan Lewis Dead And Obituary: Social Entrepreneur Cause of Death

Alan Lewis Dead And Obituary: Social Entrepreneur Cause of Death

Alan is a social entrepreneur, corporate executive, and lifetime philanthropist who has direct knowledge of the struggles young people face. He moved 14 times before the age of seven and grew up in challenging Boston areas, so he is familiar with what it’s like to play on an unfair playing field. His business zeal was initially stoked by initially breaking the rules and taking unconventional routes. He became a persistent advocate for the disadvantaged as a result of this, developing his craft.

In 1983, Alan established the Kensington Investment Company. The development of estates in Utah, Boston, and New England is its main area of interest. Additionally, the organization has alternative stakes in approximately 80 American businesses as well as Israel. The Lewis Family’s main source of revenue comes from KIC, which also has real estate interests and charity ventures. Grand Circle Corporation is a global leader in exploration, adventure, and travel. Alan and his wife Harriet started it in 1985. Grand Circle Travel started off with an annual loss of $2 million, but Alan and his staff were able to develop it into a successful international company with gross revenues of over $600 million. He oversees Grand Circle Corporation in addition to his role as chairman of KIC. In 1993, Overseas Adventure Travel and in 1998, Grand Circle Cruise Line, Alan combined two further travel businesses to form Grand Circle.

Alan is dedicated to advancing his cause of cultivating and assisting activist leaders through the utilization of his life experience, leadership abilities, and prosperous business. He is committed to aiding the young and indigenous people who are battling for social justice and preserving the planet we all share. The small village of Kensington, New Hampshire, where Alan’s family has lived since the 1600s, is his True North. It’s where he spent his childhood summers, enjoying the 600 acres of scenery, 10 miles of trails, wildlife habitats, special gathering places, and artwork. Alnoba, the foundation of the Lewis Family Foundation, provides assistance to more than 100 international strategic partners. It also provides funding for the Lewis Family Foundation, Grand Circle Foundation, Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development, and the Farm at Eastman’s Corner. This charity has provided $200 million in more than 70 nations since 1981.

Alan places a high importance on leadership development because he thinks that leadership is powerful no matter where you are. He founded Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development in 1993 with the intention of creating leaders for more than 60 nations. Through this program, hundreds of leaders have received training. More than 100 global events, natural disasters, and financial crises were navigated by him as CEO. These included September 11, the Gulf War, and the financial crisis of 2008–2009. Additionally, he guided his businesses through the COVID 19 and COVID 2.0 pandemics. He also wrote a book with the working title Leading Through Turbulence: How a Values-Based Culture Can Build Profits and Improve the World. McGraw Hill is the publisher of it. His 10 Keys of Leading in Crisis are lessons learned the hard way that other leaders have passed down to guide other leaders through crisis situations.

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While Alan has always been a devoted supporter of the Boston Red Sox, his wife Harriet and their three grandchildren rank among his most cherished loves in life. Alan adores his wife Charlotte and their two children, Edward and Charlotte. Alan enjoys reading history, biographies, and stories about daring exploits. Additionally, he is a devoted father who adores his kids, even the grandchildren. He is listed under “CEO Leadership and Innovation in Philanthropy” by Paul Newman’s Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy. He also received the Ernst & Young New England “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” award, which is presented to people who are regarded as outstanding community leaders.


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