Darin Mann Family Death: Andre Sales Suspected of Killing Ex-girlfriend And Family Members

Darin Mann Family Death: Andre Sales Suspected of Killing Ex-girlfriend And Family Members

Andre Sales, 28, is suspected of breaking into the house and shooting Sara Mann, 21, Kai Mann, 18, Sommaly Mann, their mother, 48, and a fourth male, 23-year-old White Plains resident Javon Watson.

When Darin Mann got home from work on Friday afternoon, he found his ex-wife, son, and daughter, who were all adults, dead from gunshot wounds. Darin made this terrible find in Charles County, according to his brother Robin Mann.

The location saw a quadruple homicide-suicide, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to his ex-girlfriend Sara Mann, 21, her brother Kai Mann, 18, their mother Sommaly Mann, 48, and a fourth guy, Javon Watson, 23, of White Plains, are all believed to have been shot inside the house by Andre Sales, 28. Watson was reportedly present inside the house when Sales allegedly shot him, according to the sheriff’s office.

Authorities claimed that after the weapon was sold, it was used to murder someone.

Police are looking into whether the shootings have anything to do with a current personal dispute.

Rob Mann searched for an explanation but was at a loss for words. His attention was drawn to the deceased children.

Paraphrase Police eventually located two young children who had gone missing, safe and sound at a different area.

To ascertain a motive, forensics teams and investigators are still examining the area and questioning friends and family. A medical examiner will conduct autopsies to ascertain the precise cause of death for each person, according to the sheriff’s office.

Police were alerted to a shooting just before 4 p.m. on Friday from a residence in the 3000 block of Wildflower Drive in La Plata, Maryland. The homeowner greeted them at the front door when they arrived on the scene and claimed to have found five dead persons inside his house.

When they were injured is unknown to the detectives.

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Investigators were at the sizable single-family home in the Agricopia neighborhood all through the evening on Friday, according to Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Richardson claimed that as they worked through the night, the investigators pieced together what took place in the home. The house is located on a residential street about 30 miles south of Washington, DC.

Kai Mann, the brother of Robin Mann, was a cosmetic surgeon like his father. Sara Mann also assisted in managing their art gallery.

According to the authorities, the incident was “isolated” to the home and did not pose a threat to the public’s safety.

On Saturday morning, a sizable crowd had gathered in front of the house where the ambulances had once been. It’s unclear, though, if any law enforcement personnel were still in the area at that point. While some people silently observed the event, others gave each other hugs.

On a Saturday morning, phone calls to Darin Mann and the other people listed as residing at the address went unanswered.

The town where the shooting took place had a low crime rate, according to an interview with a local conducted on Friday morning. One person who participated in the interview said she was unaware of any residents who were likely to engage in criminal activity.


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