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Jean Kirk Kuczka Identified as Teacher Killed in Shooting at Central Visual And Performing Arts High School - Shooting Update

In south city, St. Louis, at Central Visual and Performing Arts School High School, Jean Kirk Kuczka taught health and physical education.

Jean Kirk Kuczka Cause of death: At Lindbergh High School, where she excelled in the sport of field hockey, Jean earned her diploma in 1979. She was given a field hockey scholarship to attend Missouri State, currently known as Southwest Missouri State University. She played on the field hockey team that won the National Championship in 1979 while there. In January 2010, at a ceremony, the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame honored that winning team.

She started her career as a physical education teacher at Seven Holy Founders in Affton, Missouri, shortly after getting her bachelor of science degree in education. For the subsequent 16 years, Jean worked on developing a physical education curriculum for the children in grades K through 8 at SHF. Jean started her career as a teacher with SLPS in 2002 at Carr Lane, where she worked with middle school students exclusively. At first, she was a physical education teacher; later, however, she decided that she wanted to share her enthusiasm for health with others, and so she designed a health program for the middle school. After the state mandated that all high schools offer a health class, Jean moved to Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, where she has been a teacher of Health, Personal Finance, and Physical Education since 2008.

Along with her husband and one of her five children, Jean was residing in Dittmer, Missouri. She loves riding her bike and spending time with her seven grandchildren. She takes part in JDRF’s Ride to Cure every year to raise money for research into juvenile diabetes, a condition her 29-year-old son has battled for 19 years.

In a shooting that took place at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in south St. Louis early on Monday morning, three individuals were slain, including the suspect.

At 9:10 a.m., the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department dispatched officers to the scene. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sack, the interim chief of the St. Louis Police Department, stated that it took only a few minutes for officers to reach the high school near the intersection of Kingshighway and Arsenal. They entered the school without delay. Students informed police that the guy had a long gun as students were leaving the building.

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Officers rushed there after hearing gunfire. Officers and the shooter engaged in gunfire after they located the shooter. After being hit, the shooter was brought to the hospital. He was about 20 years old when he passed away. He hasn’t been named yet. At this point, it’s unclear what motivated this shooting. No policemen were hurt.

Eight individuals were hurt overall in this incident, including an adolescent girl who was shot and died as well as an adult woman Jean Kirk Kuczka who was declared dead from gunshot wounds at a hospital. The other victims sustained a range of gunshot and shrapnel wounds. They are receiving care in neighborhood hospitals.

“For all of us, today is a painful day. It will be difficult. While it appears that there were nine victims, eight were transported, and one was left behind, there are actually hundreds more. Everyone who made it through this will go home traumatized, according to Sack.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a statement at 10:05 in the morning stating that “there is no longer an immediate threat at the high school.”

Children and police officers were spotted fleeing the building as it was being evacuated. Additionally, officers were spotted assisting students in scaling fences and buildings in an effort to flee the area. At one point in time, officers had their firearms drawn.

According to the deputy superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools, Lori Willis, both CVPA and Collegiate High School are currently in lockdown mode. Both schools’ student bodies were removed from the premises.


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