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Martin Hunt, who was born in 1963, lived until the year 2022 before he passed dead.
Martin Hunt, one of our drivers with the longest tenure of any of our drivers, passed away last week at his place of employment. Of all of our drivers, Martin Hunt had the most experience. Our lives were turned upside down as soon as we learned of his premature death, and we experienced an unbearable sense of anguish.

Martin has logged more than 25 years of overall service with Magnus Group since he started working there in 1997. He was a nightman for our distribution team over the years before, and during that time he was in charge of accomplishing tasks inside the Pall-Ex network. He was also responsible for overseeing the timely delivery of all packages during this time.
Director Martin Gomersall, who has been in charge of the transportation division since 2020, says that because he “always took his work extremely seriously, our colleagues and suppliers all recognized how much he cared what he did for us.”

Since the year 2020, Martin Gomersall has served as the department’s administrator. Director Gomersall has been the department’s chief administrator since and has led the group ever since. He cared deeply about the work he did for us, and everyone who worked for us or was a vendor for us was aware of this. He is survived by his wife Julia and daughter Bethany. Martin was a passionate family man. In the year 2000, Martin passed away.

They both decided against getting married to non-family members. Everyone will mourn his loss in their own particular manner. Everyone at Magnus Group is keeping them in their thoughts and giving them good vibes and positive energy during this trying time.
Our transport division has started a condolence book for Martin, and we would be pleased to add any remarks from anybody who may have worked with him in the past.

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Please let us know if you have ever collaborated with Martin. Please share your thoughts with us; we’d appreciate it.
You can send condolences to Martin Hunt by sending a letter to Magnus Group, Addison Way, Great Blakenham, IP6 0RL, or by emailing with the subject “Martin Hunt Condolences” in the body of the email. You have the choice of either.


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