Marvon Mccray Death And Obituary: His Wife Andrea McCray Told “Slay with Dre” – Cause of Death

Marvon Mccray Death And Obituary: His Wife Andrea McCray Told “Slay with Dre” - Cause of Death

We appreciate channel member Honey Badger’s suggestion to analyze Dr. Dre’s conduct using a fair-use video. Here is a link to my first video about this case in case you haven’t seen it.

I feel my eyelashes jumping. Can we discuss about how Dre’s lashes have evolved to cover her eyes over time? It wasn’t an accident, in my opinion. Dre and her kids appear to be residing in the RV at this time because Von has been transferring between hospitals. To make it go faster, I’ll speed up the unconnected sections. since I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this video. Since I truly need it to remain private.

Why is Dre so worried about this video not getting published? She apparently kept the video. Maybe she’s weighing the risk of losing her desperately needed video income because her husband is in a coma, making her the primary parent in charge of 3 kids. Is Dre concerned about Von’s privacy? I don’t think this is the main problem. If she really cared about Von’s privacy, HIPPA, and health, she wouldn’t be streaming his videos before this day.

Did Dre already feel guilty about her husband’s alleged suicide attempt 8 days ago? Or something more sinister is happening. I try to put myself in their shoes. Those who lost loved ones in this way reported their anger, embarrassment, confusion and pain after the attempt.

Who does she need to talk to? Your paparazzi jewelry MLM team? Later she will mention her lambs, her children and being late for meetings. Sounds like a witness meeting, which is what they call it, but it could also be an online meeting. Afterwards, she would talk to someone’s mother about Bible study. But notice how self-centered Dre is when she breaks news of her husband to her followers. Focus on the information she’s missing.

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“You guys, um… this is a very serious thing, and I’m going to talk to you guys. I just want to make it a little more casual. But I need support, you know? I need a lot of support.” “Uh… …I don’t want it. Before we talk, can I tell you what I don’t want?”

“Yeah…I don’t want to be pitiful. Because I feel pity is a low frequency, I don’t want that, you know? “There’s only high-frequency vibrations and energy…period. you know? “

“When I wasn’t ready to talk about it before. I wasn’t ready. You know, that’s my business. So um…you know…” “Mr. McCree was in a coma. He was airlifted to Here to Tucson…”

Why is she using alienating language now? Why would she reveal such serious news to her supermarket followers when she was distracted? Most notably, Dre wears a mask—another way to hide her facial expressions from the audience. Is this how Feng’s family learned about his condition?

“Well, yes. That’s basically what’s going on.”


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